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Best Top 5 Android Games Trending This Week

Craving for something new, fresh and unique? And not finding anything? Then friends, this is the right place to find some very engaging, unique and fresh games to play.

There are loads of hundreds of apps at the Google Play Store, and plenty of are video games. In fact, video games are so famous that it is the first tab you spot whilst you open the app. If you are searching out the exceptional video games to be had at the Google Play Store, you’ve got to come to the proper place. Whether you are new to Android and want a few fresh, new video games to begin constructing out your Google Play library or virtually searching out the trendy present-day video games which are worthy of a while and attention, those are the exceptional Android video games you could locate proper now. let’s check them out!!!

1.Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road:

Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road

In Night Road, you play as a vampire courier that drives via the American Southwest turning in items and messages to vampire higher-ups. Not the handiest are vampire hunters after you, however, you need to deal with the sunrise as you are making your manner on your destination. Ultimately, however, you outline your man or woman as you notice fit. Called Night Road, this recreation is a 100% text-primarily based totally RPG in which your picks matter. It additionally enables that the writing is awesome, and the sport itself is big at 650,000 words (supply or take).


Project V4 - Media preview of upcoming mobile MMORPG from Nexon - MMO  Culture

Explore a panoramic international rendered in super detail, customize your person precisely the manner you desire, and degree up your equipment to put together for huge battles throughout dimensions! Will you deliver peace? Or war? Enter the arena of V4 and find out victory past boundaries! V4 is a darkish myth MMO with lovely art, best graphics, a first-rate man or woman creator, 6 lessons to pick out from, and your desire among auto-play (a Los Angeles idle clickers) or guide play, like a conventional MMO.


Titan Quest - Wikipedia

Titan Quest initially got here out again in 2006 and helped fill the lengthy void left via way of means of Diablo II earlier than III got here out. It’s an isometric ARPG with lots of loot, monsters to kill, and exquisite vistas to see. And even as there is nonetheless a network round it over on PC, way to THQ Nordic’s Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Android customers can revel in this gem of gaming courtesy of a port from some years ago. Titan Quest functions as a twin strong point construct system, which means that you could integrate any of the disciplines to create your very own demi-god. If loot is 1/2 of the laugh of Titan Quest, the alternative is absolutely locating the construct to fit your playstyle.

4.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II:

STAR WARS™: KOTOR II - Apps on Google Play

And then there had been two. Coming as a marvel from the oldsters over at Aspyr is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. It’s an excellent sport with lots of depth, amazing storytelling, and proper old skool Star Wars action. It’s were given a gradual beginning as you get used to how the sport functions, and also you might not be getting your first lightsaber any time soon, however, there may be nevertheless masses of weapons (plus Force powers) to apply towards your foes. You can comply with the Light or the Dark or attempt to straddle the two, and your selections have lasting consequences. this sport isn’t most effective a classic, however, it is a terrific Android port, too. It keeps the appearance of the PC version, however, it feels higher optimized for cellular.


SINoALICE - Characters preview - YouTube

From the ever bizarre however top-notch thoughts of Yoko Taro, of Drakengard and NieR fame, comes SINoALICE, a cell RPG with a darkish fairytale spin. Published with the aid of using Square Enix, SINoALICE is a cell gotcha recreation, just like Fire Emblem Heroes, with fabulous artwork and masses to collect. This being an RPG, there are unique classes, weapons, armors, and gadgets that every man or woman can equip, and a few they can’t if their elegance does not healthy up. Each man or woman is famous for fairytales, like Alice, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. Those characters every have their very own testimonies which you develop through, with the aim being to restore the writer of every man or woman’s story.

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