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WFPieces – The new fun AR Puzzle Game [Review]

Augmented Reality is not a new concept in the world of gaming, and if you are enthusiastic about playing AR games on your mobile, you can download and install WFpieces. This interesting 3D puzzle game has gained the attention of lots of Android mobile users. While playing this puzzle game, you can enjoy the AR technology.


Brief detail about the game

WFpiecesis an amazing puzzle game, created by Yaser Moinfar. Here, the alphabets, WF stands for White Frame, are the developers of this interactive AR game. Launched in 2020, the latest version available for you is WFpieces 1.1. You can go to the Play Store to download the game using the links below this review. Make sure that your Android version is 4.4 and up to run the gaming up smoothly.


How to play the game?

WFpieces, a 3D puzzle game, lets you test your brainpower with the added excitement of a real world scenario with the AR experience. The game starts with a 3D frame of the character or object from the list of selections. On the right hand side, you will find the available options to place the parts of the respective character which you need to guess and find them to complete the puzzle. For each part, tap on the matching part of the character to fill the puzzle, once the puzzle is complete, the game is complete displayed by animations around it. The most interesting part about the game is, you need to go around the room in order to find the matching part circle around the character. So it makes it more fun to run around than sit in one place and play the game.



What we like about the game

The most unique concept of the game is the AR characters, that give it a real world experience. Also the presence of various animated characters can keep the players more engaged. WFpieces is best for kids, their parents can join along moving around the characters. The game has easy to use interface and simple screens making it less confusing to play especially for the kids. Hence we recommend this game to the kids to improve their learning abilities by solving the puzzles available in the game.

The developer has properly integrated AR technology to design the game. This family-friendly game is available at a reasonable price for the amount of value it offers.

What we feel can be improved

The download size of the game is above average, due to the fact that it has various characters. But some players will be hesitant for their storage space if they have a limited size of their space available.

Overall we liked the game and the features it offers with the AR, considering the next innovation in gaming is already here with the AR technology used in the new games. We wish them all the best in making the game a success.

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