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Keku – The one app you need for cheap international calls

If you have done international calls while or travel or for handling your business and if you have not heard of Keku. Then you are missing a whole new in simplifying your calling experience and also for cheap unbeatable rates. Keku is a cheap international calling app that makes your phone directly contact any number in the world using a virtual local number with unbelievably low cost.

kekuThe way it works is , Keku assigns a local number to your phone on signup and it uses that to save your privacy too . So you can have multiple local numbers for your business to maintain presence on each country you want to connect to. These number can also be used to send and receive SMS to their respective countries to maintain  local presence.

The option of using Wifi is free and no cell minutes are used with it. In case of no available wifi nearby, you get to make unlimited calls for unbelievably low prices during the whole month. Which even comes with call recording for managing people and quickly resolving issues . This app specially useful for travelers and also small business who want to have multinational presence to look big.

If you live in the US, the calls are forwarded for free and technically cut down the roaming costs for users.  Keku also becomes free if the other person also has the Keku app installed and cuts down the charges of the network over the internet. Hence we believe this is one app you must have even if you are not a small business or a traveller. Keku serves as a utility app every phone must have for making international calls and avoid the hassle of calling cards or costly roaming charges.

We have included the link of the app below. DOWNLOAD NOW!! and start calling your friends.




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