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Super Dragon Dash – Keeps thrill of a game long hours

Super Dragon Dash game gives you more thrill exprience

Super Dragon Dash by Ruben Pecellin

Its been so long that the sudden meteoric rise of Flappy  bridal most feels like a fever dream, something you’d create  in your absolute worst nightmaddres. But there are still games that seek to action it- and presumably its success – like the recently released Super Dragon Dash.

sadly, it’s unlikely to reach the same heights as its flappy predecessor, thanks to wonky collision detection and outright broken menus which restrict you from doing just about anything. Super Dragon Dash helps to opens with you building your own dragon which can be done by opening a free egg given to you, then slotting pieces into a framework.


Which is also a great idea and which probably be a lot of great fun to play with too, if you were ever going to return to this screen at any point, which you will not. And rest of the time you will spent playing fun game, which involves little more than holding your finger on the screen to dip your dragon down as it continuously floats to the top. There’s many obstacles you need to dodge you will be struggling to hit the top or bottom of the screen, so you’ll need to stay focused if you don’t need to loose game quickly. Also you will watch as your drago
But you will, and you’ll watch as your dragon disintegrates. Then you’ll sit through a loading screen, then instructions on how to play the game, and then you’ll die again. Rinse and repeat. the game is really hard to complete and ee why – and even if you are someone who enjoys the difficulty, the real challenge is battling the game’s broken systems. But game is fun for some people. For one thing the collision detection is so off that you’ll crash into objects several pixels away from you, sending you right back to the start for something that wasn’t even your fault. In the game you cann’t  enter the pause menu unless you’re alive and have been for one second, so if you lose focus on the game while waiting to pause, or die, you’ll have to start all over again.

All in all, Super Dragon Dash is such a broken mess of a game that it’s hard to recommend it to anyone but the most hardcore of masochists. Pausing is the only way to get back to the main menu, but don’t worry if you want to get back to playing the game again, as almost every button press will just send you right back into it. It’s nigh-on impossible to play, and yet if you so much as breathe near it it’ll throw you back into its hellish core.



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