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Snowball!! By Pixeljam a seasonal pixel art pinball game

Snowball! is a seasonal pixel art pinball game which takes place on a massive snow-covered mountain,

Snowball!! By Pixeljam

Genre:Strategy  Developer:Pixeljam

Game developed by Pixel1jam

Pixeljam, the makers of the platformer-cum-philosophical-quest Potatoman Seeks the Troof, have released a charming pinball mobile game as laid back as sitting by the fire and watching snow falling quietly on some evergreens. the game is based on Pixeljam’s computer game that first launched back in 2012, Snowball! is a seasonal pixel art pinball game which takes place on a massive snow-covered mountain, teeming with enthusiastic snow lovers, white-capped trees, and friendly snowmen.

The goal of the game is Guide your snowball around the board using thematic flippers and bumpers to earn points, gems, and additional balls. Mystery tunnels come up through igloos and magnetic Tesla coils attract floating balls for additional points. The environment is delightful and the vibe is relaxing and casual. Ultimately no matter how cool the aesthetic or how many effects and obstacles you throw in there, if the ball doesn’t move well then the game won’t play well. In the game Responsiveness is probably the most important thing to “get right” when creating a pinball game. The game Snowball has already achieved a highly responsive simulation of a pinball with just the right amounts of speed, friction and bounce to make for satisfying gameplay.


After playing for a long time you will feel game is very challenging  also practice will slowly improve performance and increase your score. Premium game enthusiasts will love that there are no energy systems to fight against or currencies to ration. Pay once and you can enjoy round after round of frozen ball flinging. GAme is easy-to-play, responsive pinball game. However, there are a lot of opportunities for improvements and additions, which I hope to see in future updates. It would be better if we would have a chance to see some kind of camera control, including a zoom and a pan. I suspect the tiny details offer even more delight when you can see them up close.  I could see some environmental effects and got a sense of miniscule character animations like flag waving and snow angel making

 ISnowballs on snowy trails can be very hard to see, especially when they split off into smaller balls and scatter across the screen. I understand that little white ball is the mascot for the game, but it can get frustrating trying to find it quickly when it’s been shot out through a mystery tunnel. Having a highlight option or even the ability to change its color could improve that experience. Only just chasing for a high score is not enough there are milestones to hit such as activating multiball, getting in the igloo, or triggering three castle flags. However, there doesn’t seem to be any bonus for accomplishing these milestones (or if there was, it was lacking announcement) and they simply accrue when you succeed more than once. More goals and clear bonuses for hitting those milestones multiple times would be more motivating. Another possible reward could be to unlock additional environments, which would offer more replay value.


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