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Breakout Ninja one touch runner game with more challengeing

Breakout Ninja a one touch runner game with more challengeing

Breakout Ninja By Tuomas Erikoinen

Game Breakout Ninja developed by Tuomas Erikoinen is a one touch adventure with game with lots of twist which stands out from most of the other entrants in this already pretty crowded genre. The game will not have the depth of some of its contemporaries, but it’s the sort of game that’s going to hang around on your homescreen for a decent length of time. Throw in bite-sized slices of play and you’re left with a game that, while it might not change the world, is going to leave you with a smile on your face

The character of your game is you play as the titular ninja who is busy in running through a randomly generated series of obstacles. But you’re only in control of certain context-sensitive actions.  Were you perform these challenging actions by tapping, but the twist comes all with sudden surprise thanks to a series of circles which aid you when you need to tap.


Controls in the game are simple and straightforward where you perform a leap, a kick and a slide or a landing. there are some clever techniques you need to follow Hit the screen when you’re not and your run comes to a sullen end. The circles also have other many circle beneath them and tap when you’re in one of the smaller circles and you get a perfect hit, which will earn you more points. The goal of the game is chasing your high score as possible as you continue to play for longer times you’ll also level up your ninja skills, but this doesn’t seem to have any real effect on the play.

The longer you’re running for the faster you pick up the pace, and the more difficult your taps become. and each run starts off at the same sedate plod, which can get a little grating. And as you move on the complex levels you never really feel like you’re becoming more advanced, just jumping through the same hoops and hoping you’ll get a better score. It means the game doesn’t stick around quite as long as it should, and with a few tweaks here and there it could become something rather special. As it stands as an satisfying game that you’ll come back to a good few times, but you’re unlikely to rave to your friends about it like maybe you could have done


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