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Top 10 mobile games of the week

We do our best here at mobilestartupz to keep you abreast of all the best mobile games that come out and anything that looks promising that is coming down the pike. It’s tireless work, but we care, darn it! Sniff!

Top 10 new mobile games of the week


1.Swap Sword  By Alec Thomson

Genre:Arcade Developer:Alec Thomson

The game Swap Sword is developed by Alec Thomson A beautiful match-three puzzler with a hefty roguelike element and pixel art graphics to die for. And does a fine job of consolidating two loved mobile gaming genres and turing it into a compelling mix. you can observe there’s no story in sight here. Instead, your focus is solely on destroying an army of bad guys while moving onto the next stage. You may observe each screen has a number of different icons, each offering something pivotal to your experience. Match green gems, for instance, and you gain them to use to buy skill upgrades. Shields give you some form of defense and Dynamite causes an explosion in a straight line. And keys help you get a step nearer to the next stage, with a set number unlocking the exit door. Further matching up your foes wipes them out en masse, but it’s not your only form of attack.

Once you’ve completed a specific level, you’re given the option of picking out an upgrade. Some upgrades are passive, like as offering you an extra heart of health, while others allow you to use abilities while competing. Those abilities cost green gems so you have another reason to keep pursuing them.




2 Glitch Fixers – Powerpuff Girls Coding Puzzle Game By Cartoon Network

Genre:RPG Developer:Cartoon Network

The Internet is in danger. That’s why Bubbles Blossom and Buttercup uploaded to the Internet to save the Internet. But Unfortunetly, they no longer have their powers exist. That’s why you need to help them together with bubbles and give these super girls commands they’re going through that the 40 levels. To do all these you have to plan the steps very careful and accordingly. Your buttons has ability like leaping and inversions just like natural power attacks with your special weapons
This is how your going to  plan your way through the levels. The longer the command chains you enter at the same time, the more points you collect. Also an influence on the final star, the number of orders which in quite unusual puzzle platformer Glitch Fixers – Powerpuff Girls



3.The Battle of Polytopia by  Midjiwan AB

Genre:Strategy Developer:Midjiwan AB

The game Battle of Polytopia developed by Midjiwan AB which is a striking top-down, turn-based strategy game with one very simple goal:rule the world. I know it may feel little dark for  such a brightly colored game but it’s not quite so sinister. You can select your favorite tribe and take down the evil, enemy as in your journey across the world and enjoy the game. You can still go deeper to the world of the fascinating game like unlock skills and discover new lands and build epic cities. Its free to play download from google play.


4.Colt Express By Asmodee Digital SAS

Genre:Strategy Developer: Asmodee Digital SAS

Game Colt express developed by Asmode Digital SAS A smart digital boardgame adaptation that plays out like a wild west turn-based strategy game. There’s something superb fresh about Colt Express. This game will bring you some train-robbing action to you and You’ll compete against other players and navigate the defenses of the trains in order to make off with that sweet train heist plunder.  This game is more than just a board game adaptation – some new gameplay mechanics are introduced along with new variants, items, and skins. You can even enjoy stroy mode with 30 chapters will be available too. T




5.Apollo Justice Ace Attorney   By CAPCOM

Genre:Strategy Developer:CAPCOM

Apollo Justice game developed by CAPCOM which is a fourth game in the  Ace Attorney series for Nintendo’s DS handheld. This game is another charming slice of sleuthing.  It leaves you with curiosity of what happens next. From the unique characters, astonishingly good plot, and the clever game play, this game is one of the best games I’ve played. Its really worth to check out the game




6. Samorost 3 by  Amanita Design

Genre:Adventure Developer:Amanita Design

Game Samorost developed by Amanita Design  a gentle adventure game which has released in android and thoroughly beguiling it is too. No one does wordless whimsy better. Every Samorost game follows the spacefaring adventures of its nightcap-wearing gnome protagonist, and this third entry is the most expansive one yet, featuring nine diverse planets, ancient mechanical beasts, and a magical flute. Awakening from his rusted comfortable abode by the flute falling from the heavens, Gnome soon finds himself on a journey across the stars to reunite the instrument with its creators and stop a planet-destroying menace. But that overarching story is almost secondary to the moment-to-moment experience of Samorost 3.

Discovering the places and people of gorgeous organic worlds is what imbues Samorost 3 with such charm and wonder.


7.Avadon 3: The Warborn HD  By Spiderweb Software

Genre:Adventure Developer: Spiderweb Software

The game takes you back  old school isometric RPG has all the things you’d expect of the genre, including reams of text, turn-based battles, and of course loads of loot. This have been one-man steward isometric RPGs for decades, from the Exile series in the 90s to the current Avernumand Avadon games.

While turn-based tactics will be major part of the game, it’s this intriguing narrative and your potential choices that drives your journey through Avadon 3. Like the best RPG’s Avadon3 offers a wide array of decisions and branches to choose how to define your character, told through well-written prose.



8.Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre by  Kongregate

Genre:Aracde Developer:Kongregate

Burrito Bison:Launcha Libre is a wacky little arcade game from Kongregate where players launch luchadors from a wrestling ring to take out evil candy enemies and their gummy bear minions. But game is totally bonkers concept for sure but the game combines a lot of detailed concept and progression systems together to make it a super fun and unique experience.

Burrito Bison is here and he brought his friends too! In the latest installment, Burrito Bison teams up with Pineapple Spank and El Pollo crack, bounce, eat cake, smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend off the invasion of gummies! Stolen by an evil chef, Burrito Bison seeks out his cookbook to take back with him to make the finest salsa in the world. So strap on your rocket belt, and launch your way to glory!

The further you get into Burrito Bison, you’ll come across special enemies that can either speed you up or slow you down, so there’s quite a bit of active strategy when it comes to activating your abilities at the right time.




9.Conduct THIS! By Northplay

Genre:Arcade Developer:Northplay

Conduct this is a fresh action puzzle game that is all about conducting and managing a train system so that there are safe and free from horrible accidents as possible Game is inspired from Mini Metro, and its designed in low-poly graphical style, also you are able to see plenty of fine details that you can spot in the map layouts themselves, such as textures, objects, and lighting effects that give everything a bit of extra oomph. Like other puzzles onduct THIS! is level-based with seven different areas that have a handful of stages for players to conduct their train business on. The goal in every levels is to get all of the passengers at each station to their destination safely without fail and earn coins doing so, but there is a time limit on each stage that you must race against as well, which makes everything a bit more hectic and stressful. and also ou’ll have to be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes peeled on other vehicles on the road that intersect with the train tracks, more incoming trains on the tracks, control switches, and plenty of other realistic hazards.

As you play further , you’ll collect more coins from efficient conducting. The coins can be used to later to gain access to nearby regions for more levels to play. Eventually, you’ll also be able to unlock more trains for your company,



10. Archery King By


Archery King is kind of fresh and ,  unforgettable game. famous sports arcade game developers, Much like many of Miniclip’s other titles, it’s immensely easy to get into — but there’s lot of depth going on here. Archery King brings the excitement and time honored regal sport of archery to your very fingertips!   Test your skills against other ‘robin hoods’ or against yourself in a variety of ever increasingly difficult series of targets. The core of the game has you competing in one-on-one archery competitions. You throw a certain amount of virtual money into the tournament pot before competing with another player or bot to see who’s the best at firing a few arrows. You line up your shot by holding your finger to the screen and dragging the arrow around before releasing it, hopefully on a direct path to the bullseye.

There are single player modes too, which take some time to unlock, Crucially, you’re firing arrows at the same time as your opponent, meaning you have to work on being fast too. It’s far more entertaining than the traditional mode, even if you do come across bots again.




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