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Top 10 Mobile games of the week

Here are top 10 Mobile games which is very challengeing and keeps you fascinated

1.Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore

Genre:Strategy  Developer:FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire 3 once again puts you in space, exploring new worlds, establishing profitable trade routes and doing battle with other spaceships. It’s perhaps a little more action-oriented than some other space sims, but that could be a good thing depending on your tastes. The only negative is no Android version, though supposedly one is in the works. It’s a more streamlined, more mobile friendly experience that twists the space battling of the series into a slightly more welcoming shape. The game borrows ideas from other shooter genres and laces them through its spectacular, explosion-filled, deep-space dog fights. Once again you’re playing a pilot flying through the galaxy, shooting the right stuff and making sure the wrong stuff doesn’t get shot. There’s a story here, but it’s broken up into bite-sized chunks and scattered around the missions you’re tackling.

Thi sis a third games in the series, and in a way that’s likely to open the Galaxy on Fire universe up to an awful lot more players.



2. Nicki Minaj: The Empire By Glu Games Inc

Genre:Arcade Developer: Glu Games Inc

Glu really has its line of celebrity-based games down to a science. Each one tweaks a winning formula to suit the celeb in question, and with Nicki Minaj, that means giving players the chance to show off their own rap skills, no matter how dubious they might be. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj is actually famous for something: Her music. So, it makes sense that her new mobile game makes the most of it. Yes, there are still fashion and design elements as well, but those fit with Ms. Minaj’s personality and talents as well. Also intriguing: the thought that Nicki is going to use the game to show off new music first. If you’re a fan, that alone should be a draw. Just like in these other celeb-driven games, you get to virtually hang out with Nicki Minaj and enjoy the perks (also virtual) of being rich and famous. But Nicki Minaj: The Empire also incorporates the hip-hop star’s music throughout the game, even letting players record their own raps over exclusive beats that sound straight out of Billboard’s Top 100.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire also has a bunch of chatrooms, so you can get your “friends” to “like” your songs and climb up the music charts. However, I find these social features in  mobile games to be rather forced, but I guess that’s just part of the fame game—you have to learn to be a little fake.



3Tap the Tower By Armor Games Inc

Genre:Arcade Developer:Armor Games Inc

We haven’t reached peak “one touch gameplay, pixelated old school graphics” yet, which means games like Tap the Tower still have a shot to hook a bunch of mobile gamers. As the name suggests, you’re trying to tap to get your character ever higher up the tower by climbing ladders and dodging things that could kill you. I feel like there was a really old game that asked you to do something similar … With a donkey in the name, maybe? Anyway, for a quick and simple action fix, this could certainly scratch the itch.



4Bully: Anniversary Edition By Rockstar Games

Genre:Startegy Developer:Rockstar Games

The Bully game is he open world console game by Rockstar, now shrunken down and remastered for touch screens. which is  supposedly packs in all the content from the original and the later Scholarship Edition, making it quite the value for less than seven bucks.Bully is an open world third person adventure game where you play as a kid named Jimmy, set at the private boarding school, Bullworth Academy. In actuality, while you’ll eventually engage in loads of light spirited mischief, the overall goal of the game is to effectively bring peace to Bullworth, uniting all the various cliques, and completing tasks along the way to raise your reputation and effectively get everyone to like you. Bully opens with your not-so-loving mother and her new husband dumping you off at Bullworth Academy before they go on their honeymoon. From there, the game quickly shows you the ropes and introduces the main cast of characters which includes the stereotypical headmaster, Dr. Crabblesnitch, and your two cohorts Gary and Petey.

You can transfer saves between devices and take on new asynchronous multiplayer challenges, so there’s a fair bit of new sprinkled in with the tried and true. How will it play on phones and tablets? That would be the only remaining question.



5. Frantic Ball  By Alan Thomas

Genre:strategy Developer:Alan Thomas

The game Frantic Ball reminds me some of the old arcade game Marble Madness, mixed with the real life marble contraptions that my parents still set up for their grandkids from time to time. Not only can you take on different courses, but the balls apparently have different characteristics that give you a higher score in exchange for a tougher time keeping them under control. Looks like some old school and new school fun mixed together, and who doesn’t like that? .The idea is simple – a ball rolls along a track.  Your goal is to catch the ball at the end of its trip and put it back at the beginning so it can start its journey all over again.  Where it starts to get a little challenging is that, every ten seconds, a new ball is spawned on the track.  The goal is to keep as many balls as possible alive for as long as possible.  That, at its core, is Frantic Ball. and next goal is  in the development stage of Frantic Ball was to work out a process for building these levels.

And you need to follow few rules Since gravity is what moves the ball along, the ball always needs to start at the top and end at the bottom.  Easy.  I’ve also worked in a method for track switches – spots where the track can fork and end up sending the ball down one of a few paths.  This would allow for multiple exit points and provide the player the challenge of keeping track of which ball is where at any point.



6.Oceanhorn  By FDG Mobile Games GbR

Genre:Advenure Developer:FDG Mobile Games

Game is really brilliant were everyone is excited about Ocean horn 2 developement, this game is most loved game of its time, were a boy after waking up to find your father missing all you’ve got to go on is an old notebook and strange necklace. It’s up to you to explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, fight monsters, solve puzzles, use magic, and discover ancient treasures to help you on your quest. With 10+ hours of story-driven gameplay and some seriously beautiful visuals, grabbing Oceanhorn on sale is an absolute necessity for the average action/adventure lover.



7. Hill Climb Racing 2 By Fingersoft

Genre:Racing Developer:Fingersoft

the game is physics-based driving and climbing games Game were Hill climb Racing 2 offers more vehicles, more options to customize said vehicles, more environments to tackle, and just basically more of everything. Plus the graphics have received a shiny new coat of paint, and Newton Bill is back at the center of it all. If that’s not enough to get you behind the wheel of an off-road machine, I don’t know what is. Goal is simple players control a vehicle (a jeep to start) piloted by Newton Bill (or his female counterpart, Jill?) as it zips along a hilly, bumpy road. You have only two inputs available—gas and brake—and must use these two pedals in tandem to make your way up giant inclines, over logs, down steep hills, between rocky crevices, and past plenty of other environmental obstacles.




8.Symmetria: Path to Perfection By Platonic Games

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Platonic Games

A fast-paced puzzl egame which is about symmetry. The game uses the stars and constellations as a constant theme, so you are greeted with a dark background that is twinkling with lively stars. And while the squares start off just being solid colors in the beginning, obstacles get introduced after the first chapter in the campaign, and they’re labeled with minimalistic icons that give you a clear idea of what they do, so you have to be more good at gussing. The game contains three modes that are available from the get-go: Campaign, Endless, and Battle. Campaign is the basic single-player mode, where you will solve puzzles one-by-one in chronological order and go through five chapters, represented by constellations, that have a good handful of stages each.



9. Jump Or Stay By Umbrella Games LLC

Genre:Arcade Developer:Umbrella Games LLC

Jump or stay developed by Umbrella Games is surprising take on the auto-runner. It blends together quick-fire gameplay with a simple puzzling element designed to keep you on your toes. Goal of the game is simple You play a fish in a fish bowl that’s rolling along a series of bi-coloured platforms. Control in the game is simple just tap on screen to bounce in air. there are many twists and turns in game and one more things which fascinates you is if pyramids is sat on a block of its own colour then you need to jump over it.

Overall game is very interesting which is simple and easily manageable and keep you trilled



10.Dropa By Midnight Tea Studio

genre:Puzzle Developer:Midnight Tea Studio

A lot of times we oversimplify games in the name of explaining them, but that actually works for Dropa. Think of Tetris if it was played in the round instead of vertically and you’ve got a big chunk of it. The big difference is that it’s less frenzied since you don’t need to worry about making the right moves on a time limit, which is a good thing since this seems challenging enough as it is. The abstract art style and little alien ship just make the whole package that much more inviting.  Dropa is a puzzle game that’s all about placing shapes on a board in order to create and clear lines. Then you do it over and over again in order to earn higher scores. Sounds kind of familiar, right? Well in word form, sure, but actually playing it feels quite different.




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