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Starseed: Origin By Shane McCafferty -A great Arcade Shooter

Starseed is a great Arcade Shooter

Starseed: Origin By Shane McCafferty

Genre:STrategy Developer: Shane McCfferty

Starseed :Origin is a retro bullet hell shooter. with chunky and chippy, and while it’s not as manic as some other examples of the genre, it’s still plenty crazy. And if you have a love for space shooters and you somehow haven’t picked up Starseed: Origin also game offers a great retro vibe, comfortable controls, and plenty of challenge — and at the moment.

The graphics in Starseed are completely pixelated and retro, which should appease any gamer who grew up in the golden age. Despite the strong pixel appearance, the details and textures of the various ships (yours and enemies) and dreadnoughts are done well, giving the game some extra depth.


The game offers a great retro Vibe, with comfortable controls and lots of challenge to face. Each stage in Starseed: Origin goes through a few different phases, from your standard vertically scrolling attack to bombing runs against giant space stations (or “dreadnoughts” as Starseed calls them). Your ship will evolve as you complete levels, taking on new shapes and weapon types in the process.

Control in the game are simple ans straightforward just controllling in one finger, swiping around the screen to dodge through balls of fire and waves of oncoming enemies. You shoot continuously by grabbing weapon upgrades that beef up your blasting. You see the game is very challengeing  and difficulty here is pretty high, so start playing the game it’s worth it, especially if you’re a fan of shooters.

there is a lot of replay value since you can always go back to improve your top score, as well as unlock new ships to blast foes with. If you’re looking for a casual experience there’s probably going to be too much here for you,





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