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Snake Rewind By Rumilus Design -Redesigned for modern devices

Snake Rewind developed for modern devices

Snake Rewind By Rumilus Design

Genre:Arcade Developer:Rumilus Design

Snake Rewind developed by Rumilus Design which is a designed as modern take on the age-old classic Snake game which we alreay enjoyed playing on our Nokia feature phones back in the day. so quesion is how well does this blast from the past translate into modern mobile gaming? Let’s find out.  Before we had touch screens on our mobile phones we get used to physical buttons, like the directional arrows and keypads that we used for T9 input.

You see the concept of remaking snake for today’s device is nothing surprise. After all, we have games like Vertigo and Nimble quest, but neither of these guys came up with new ideas game has large pixelated look  and feel of the original, except it is now done up in flashy colors and lights. And there’s also a bit of a 3-D effect going on. when you start playing you’re able to unlock different “levels,” which are more or less just different themes (skins and music) that don’t affect the gameplay. The electronic music that plays in Snake Rewind is fun to listen to as well, but it overrides the device audio, even if you turn the sound off fully, which is pretty annoying.


If you’ve ever played the original Snake, then you will understand the basic premise of snake Rewind:Simple as you all know control the snake, eat the fruits, grow as large as you can, but don’t run into your tail or the walls.Also sometimes simple and easy games keeps you boring so the developers spruced things up a bit by introducing new fruits that give your snake unique powers and effects, such as the magnet that pulls in all fruits towards you, super-sizes you, score multipliers, and more. These are all nice addictions which makes the game much more interesting and keep you thrilled for long hours and you can make point for each piece of fruit your snake eats.

Fortunately there presents swipe controls, where you need to just swpe your finger on the screen to instruct snake to move up, down, left or right. Unfortunately, this also suffers some serious issues, since the game registers a non-existent swipe, and you can find snake running into itself or a wall numerous times. When your snake crashes into its own tail or a wall, usually that means game over. But in Rewind, you can pay some fruit (the in-game currency) and “rewind” your snake for a chance to continue. The more times you rewind, the more costly it becomes. It has missions available that you can attempt to complete in order to unlock and purchase levels. This is not well designed either since the game does not tell you what the missions are before you start — you have to go look at the “Levels + Missions” screen to see them.



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