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I Wanna Be A Hero – Worth playing the game

I Wanna Be A Hero you would really love it

I Wanna Be A Hero

Genre:Arcade Developer:4EVA Studios Pte. Ltd

I Wanna Be A Hero, which is a grid-based rouguelike game were players control a little androgynous child with an orange cat clinging to its head, and attempt to ascend a ten-story tower filled with monsters that get tougher and scarier with each level. In the game you can only really do so many actions at one time, but there’s no really defined way to how all these systems work. Here enemies move at certain intervals, and there’s kind of a rhythm to get used to game, but  it’s not really a structure that defines the game. Instead, it just kind of feels weird, because grids usually mean turn-based, but you can move freely. It just never quite feels right.

The combat system is actually pretty cool with roguelikes, because it does a good job at combining the feel of grid based roguelikes with real-time action. There are certain things you need to follow in games like Your movement is grid-based and you can only act in the cardinal directions, but you have to act like the clock is ticking, because while enemies might wait out what you do, you still have to act and react as things are happening. You even recharge your mana while not having to be constantly bopping about. And beaware you are not surrouned by huge enemies,  as it might just be your doom. This makes I Wanna Be A Hero a hard game to recommend to players looking for a quick gameplay experience. On top of that, the game’s very challenging  really spikes at level 5. I found the first 4 levels a challenge initially, but far from impossible …and then I came close to beating the fifth level once. I love the games system which is the random skills upon level up. I like it because it forces you as the player to perhaps play with abilities you don’t like, and makes you explore the styles you’re using. Be sure of limited slots when you active skill.


There are some crucial levels  which sometimes drain your mana while other abilities are passive and are always active. Each time when you start to play you level up you’re given three random abilities to choose from. These abilities are really worth picking up which will naturally heal you  from randomly dropped potions or from leveling up are the only other ways to refill your health also I found that passive abilities in each level that stun or slow enemies to be the most hand of that variety. The enemy  there are numerous types of enemies from level to level, with silly chickens and armored sheep in the opening levels, and giant slime monsters and evil sorcerers in the higher levels. And Each enemies present in game has particular ways that they can be dispatched the easiest way so play more that will eventually get as you familiarize yourself with the various enemy types.

Like other roguelikes, I Wanna Be A Hero is a grid-based dungeon crawler that will always be procedurally generated so no two runs will ever be the same thing. The goal of game is to help the protagonist go through a monster filled dungeon in order to prove himself worthy as a hero which is a great opportunity. This can be done by making your way through floors, dodging their attacks, battling creatures and earning experience points to level up and learn new skills, and just see how far you can go without dying. When you loose, the game essentially resets and you have to start over from the beginning of the journey. In  the game enemy attack and projectile will hurt each other. And the trap abilities wind up being useful as you can play unavoiding and set enemies up to take themselves out. There are many option to the combat that are set up not through specific options, when you select to play, the game offers you ways to feel clever for trying to excel at your chosen style.


Speaking about game  which does nice job being very mobile-friendly and its playable in portrait mode, ad mostly one-handed, though the abilities are on the left side of the screen, and your movement is on the right. And the game’s structure of having 10 levels to play through is short enough that you feel like the end is attainable. Regardless, the game’s continue function works well.While things start out pretty easy at first in terms of enemy monsters, you’ll discover that the difficulty amps up as you get the deeper into the dungeon. There will be big fat monsters that break up into several smaller versions, ranged attackers, and even challenging boss battles that await you in I Wanna Be A Hero






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