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Flipping Burgers By John Pedicini


Flipping Burgers By John Pedicini is a kind of a game which can be played even during your downtime. Its a game which teases your sporting genes.

Its an awesome addictive game, no doubt it will appeal to anyone who loves addictive challenging games. In terms of visuals, Flipping Burgers has a fairly cartoonish style overall, but it’s rather cute and charming.


In Flipping Burgers you take the role of burger chef at a diner owned and operated by Willie “The Worm”  Pits, a notorious criminal.


The design of the game Flipping Burger is really phenomenal. The minimal and elegant graphics of the game separates this game from the rest. The controls in Flipping Burger are super simple, intuitive, and responsive. The sound track is also magnificent.


The game looks easy in the beginning, but as we move on with the game, the challenge magnifies and so is the thrill. The gameplay is stimulating and intriguing. Its about flipping burgers into a cops mouth.


Willie has informed you that his diner is frequented by a police officer named “Raptor Cop” who is hunting for him. Raptor Cop loves burgers. Willie wants you to keep Raptor Cop busy by flipping burgers into his mouth. You flip the burger by swiping the spatula at the lower left-hand corner of the screen. But, you must time it correctly and get it into Raptor Cop’s mouth when it is open. Too many misses will cause the game to end and Willie will have you eaten by his flesh-eating worms.


Its been a week I started playing this game. I am having fun playing this and its difficult to put it down now. Its available in app store, highly recommend you to check out and test your skill and dexterity at flipping burgers.



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