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Aurora – really worth playing this remarkable game

Aurora – Puzzle Adventure By Silverback Games really worth playing this remarkable game

Genre:Puzzle  Developer:Silverback Games

Game Aurora developed by Silverback games which is a fresh new take on the match-three genre which is perfect for cat lovers. Aurora which takes place in a surreal environment, which are floating structure in a dreamlike skyscape settings which are filled with colorful, vibrant blocks. Aurora, the protagonist in the game is a nicely rendered  character model with natural movements and the cats that she must reunite with are just downright adorable. And  If you’re the type of person who just wants to relax  fairly but challenging puzzle game that makes you think outside the box, then Aurora is a game to consider.

Visually speaking Aurora is aesthetically beautiful with nice mix of vivid brights to softer pastels, and there are special textured blocks that have unique properties. The animations in the game  are smooth and superb , though the camera movement can seem a bit sudden at times when you’re rotating the stage. The soundtrack is rather whimsical and charming the sound effects are a nice finishing touch to the game overall.


The goal of the game is simple — clear out the blocks that are in your path by matching them up in groups of three, and then Aurora can find a path to get to her cats. But perspective is everything in this game, so check all of your options first before making a move.Aurora which is a level-based puzzle game. Players will have to help Aurora navigate through several different chapters that are blocked off by gates that are encased in ice, and each section has a handful of levels to clear before you can move on. At present you you will have 200 challenging levels to enjoy to match your way through, and each stage must be cleared before you can move on to the next one. Along the way, you’ll collect magical orbs that can charge your hammer that can break ice blocks, You can reunite with Aurora’s feline friends by treasure chests that can be filled with some collectible artifact goodies which will help you in your quest you are expected to find the keys that you’ll need to collect to unlock the gates that will give you access to the next chapter.

Controls in Aurora are simple and straightforward. Each stage can be rotated so you can get view with clarity from every angles. When you rotate the game automatically make you move on to next available angle, rotating can be done just by draging your finger around on the screen. When the perspective is right and the blocks are lined up in groups of at least three or more, just tap on the color that you want to clear out. When the blocks are cleared naturally safe way is created to her cats then Aurora will proceed to move forward and collect any goods along the way.


Aurora – Puzzle Adventure is a solid game for both puzzle fans and kitty lovers. Plus, you get a good amount of content for your money. which is also perfect  puzzles with a dash of match-three, and there are cats


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