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Vikings: an Archer’s Journey By Pinpin Team-play in Angry Bird style

Vikings:an Archery’s journey play in Angry Bird style

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey By Pinpin Team

Genre:Adventure Developer:Pinpin Team

The game Vikings an Archer’s journey developed by Pinpin Team game is a fun shoot em up game with simple yet cool graphics. And sometimes the way a game looks is enough to get my attention without even seeing the gameplay and Vikings an Archer’s journey falls in this category. Vikings an Archery seems more than having just fun art.

The game is a runner-shotter combination and while the ruer part is pretty standard, the shooter part looks quite entertaining with projectile style similar to angry bird mechanic because you get bonuses for head shots, and long shots so on.  The game allows you to have various upgrades to your shooting that add variety to just running and shooting. Featuring Nott, a tenacious viking, who sets his quest to rescue his loyal wolf friend, Oden from the underground. The game may have easy controls but it is difficult to master, especially with its “infinite runner” feature.


There are videos available you can watch huge bosses as well and you will come into conclusion there are plenty of things to do in the game  to keep you thrill. You would have already played these two game Canabalt and Angry Birds were the game attempted to achieve both gameplay style wrapping it all up in a beautiful package with lush, storybook-esque art. I mean to say just tapping right side of the screen to jump, and dragging and releasing on the left to aim and fire arrows in projectile style which is  familiar to Angry Birds Style

This atmospheric adventure game brings you good experience on the game which is filled with snow, vikings, and evil demons from Norse mythology.  and the chill air just by looking screenshot and the woody, snow-beaten world is amazing to watch. And Vikings feels more like a leisurely winter stroll than a breathless sprint. You can see game is very challenging platforming and archery is tough enough as it is, without adding more speed into the mix.


your task is to take control of Nott, a Valkyrie that has suffered the earth of Nordic gods, and her punishment is having her loyal wolf, Oder, sent to the Underworld in a dwelling of the deceased, also known as Helheim. Fortunately, Nott is a formidable archer, and gathers up her crew and set journey to collect special arrows along the way to help her overcome the evil monsters drawn straight from Nordic legends. This is a combo-driven game, each consecutive kill builds a score multiplier. If you unfortunately miss one shot, and everything is lost.

controls in the gameplay is simple and initiative coming to archery part, just simple touch-and-drag on the left half of the screen to aim your bow and arrow, and then release to shoot. A slingshot aiming style but can get a bit  more complicated since you’re also moving at the same time. The game provides with various power-up runes that are easily noticeable — they’re brightly colored stones with glowing symbols on them. The power-ups include formidable boosts like Bullet Time, Multi Arrows, Explosive Arrows, and more.

It’s a classic risk versus reward mechanic game, and one that works beautifully here. To increase its potency yet further, the music builds in layers as your combo increases. Overall its A challenging but fun infinite runner with precise shooting elements,