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Top 10 new mobile games you should be playing this week

Top 10 New Mobile games you should be playing this week especially good ones here’s our latest batch of mobile games new to the app stores that you might want to check out

1.RunGunJumpGun By Gambitious Digital Entertainment

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Gambitious Digital Entertainment

The game RungunJumpGun developed by Digital Entertainment which is a frantic, fast-paced reflex platformer game although its name is kind of a tongue twister, it accurately describes just what you do. You experience a lot with jumping, running and a whole lot of gunning, get the thrill of RunGunJumpGun touching the left side of the screen you can shoot downward and propel yourself in the air, like the famous Machine Gun Jetpack from Jetpack Joyride and touching right side of screen causes you to shoot that weapon horizontally to the right. The game is packed with incredible amounts of detail from the textures of the environments to the highlights and shadows of objects and hazards that are scatteres about you run automatically and the entire game is built around making your way through bite-sized obstacle courses using both of these actions at your process.



2.Ski three  by Cape Guy Ltd.

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Cape Guy Ltd

Ski Three is one of the wrold’s first match-three endless runner. And it’s got skiing in it the game developed by Cape Guy the objective of game is you need to match things like log cabins and boulders in groups of three to create a path for your skier to work her way down. Which sounds pretty cool. The game takes you to interesting blend of puzzleing and skiing which all presented in proper lovely scratchy hand-drawn graphics.



3.SteamWorld HeistBy Image & Form International AB

Genre: Developer:Image & Form International AB

SteamWorld Heist developed by Image & Form International AB turn-based strategy RPG that involves a gorgeous steampunk world filled with Western robot pirates. which is a good old Western Shootout, your goal is you precisely place bullet ricochets across the floor and walls, bouncing around and behind the sniper’s cover and exploding his robotic head, sending gears and shrapnel tumbling in a slow-motion impact. Its the core of the game it looks quite simple providing various ability like shoot, move or use a special ability Cover, flanking, and height advantages are essential. Task like choosing soldiers, mercenaries, growing roster of pirates encountered throughout the galaxy, and task also to build your party and board enemy ships ready to fight with each character is categorized by class, defining what guns they can equip and what abilities they unlock while leveling-up.


4. Jack N’ Jill 3D (By Rohan Narang)

Genre:Arcade Developer: Rohan Narang

Jack N Jill is an adventurous game with sucessfully transition from 2D to 3D very flawlessly. In this  isometric one button platformer gameplay your main  control on your jumping and to move backwards you need to hit a wall or memorize the map and  move in circular direction. The first few levels are easy but later stage complexity of game increases also shows you bit challenging so be prepared for it.




5.Super Cat Tales (By FDG Mobile

Genre:Platformer Developer:FDG Mobile

It looks like yet another Mario ‘influenced’ platformer, and Super Cat Talescertainly tips its hat in that direction. But its simplified controls and tight levels have been smartly honed for mobile. The game Super cats developed by FDG Entertainment which is heavily inspired by Nintendo’s classic. its resembles from the environments to the enemies and even the overworld map, there’s plenty of nods to Super Mario World in Super Cat Tales, but it does has its own characters on. you can see large cast of different playable cats, each has unique abilities were you can use all the powers and pass the various puzzles in the game.  You can take help of various numerous helpers who will follow you around and battle alongside you.  Explore a mysterious island full of vibrant environments and meet up with your cat siblings! Each cat has a numerous different and special ability, and you’ll need to utilize every cat to get through this adventure!. Like shinji can skip along water surfaces by dashing into water. You can continue water skipping by holding down the direction you’re moving in. And changing direction of cat braking will send you into the water. We haven’t found any other hidden abilities, but keep experimenting with the different cats to see what you can find out.



6.Super Mini World (by Aric Shelby)

Genre:Arcade Developer: Aric Shelby

Enjoy a unique styled endless runner game while jumping your way along and avoiding obstacles like diamonds and spikes. Upgrades will make you more powerful by collecting coins and enjoy unlocking various characters.




7.Asymmetric by Klemens Strasser

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Klemens Strasser

The game Asymmetric developed by Klemens Strasser a puzzle game with nice color palette that consists of whites, grays, blacks, and splashes of color that provide a great contrast with the background tones. The main characters are more than basic circles with their own facial expressions drawn on them which gives bit of life to them. And you need to face numerous obstacles that you’ll eventually come across, such as portals and rocks, are easy to recognize when you encounter them. The goal of the game is easy enough just get the Groopert and Groopine to their respective goal points(green circle) from the starting point(Blue Circle).Its warned since its very hard to achieve than its appears.

The game will take time to master they just move in opposite direction s of each other. Like obstacles like portals, blocks, speed pads and top pf chart each level only gives you a limited amount of moves, so you have to think carefully about the most efficient way to get to the goal. And you observe onr thing the move counter does not go down if both characters are stuck and unable to move in the opposite direction of your swipe. Once you get both Groopert and Groopine to their proper destination, then the level is complete. You are left with more awarded coins depending on how many moves were left by the time you completed



8. Neon Chrome by 10tons Ltd
 Genre:Action Developer:10tons Ltd

Game Neon Chrome is a cyberpunk-themed dual-stick shooter the game exposing something that was much more than expected.Your goal is to work your way up a tower floor by floor until finally coming face to face with the boss at the top. Each floor is randomly generated each time you play, and if you die during your journey the character you’re using will lose any of the special augmentations or weapons which they have chosen on their way. Also you do get to keep any cash you’ve collected along the way which you can use to upgrade your set of stats permanently for all future runs. The game give you sense of progression that causes Neon Chrome get under your skin to the point that you find yourself thinking about playing “just one more run” to see if you can get just a little bit further than you did the last time. And various process you’ll be able to equip every few levels or so. It reminds me a lot of a dual-stick shooter version of Wayward Souls, or a more tactical version of Solomon’s Keep.

The Neon Chrome is so much more than your average dual-stick shooter. The crazy cyberpunk theme and dystopian storyline have really captured my attention, as has the drive to upgrade and progress my powers.



9.Beams by Appsolute Games

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Appsolute Games LLC

Beams is a minimalistic puzzle game The goal is simple enough send a signal from existing light nodes so that they travel through the connecting beams and light up the empty nodes that are along the path. However, there are obstacles like walls, disconnections that need to be adjusted prior to signals, dashed lines that can only guide a signal once, and more. As you get further along in the game, the puzzles become much more complex and challenging, making you put your thinking cap on.

Controls in Beams are simple and easily manageable to send the signal of light out, just tap on the larger nodes and watch the light travel along the beams, following any splits and forks along the way, until they reach other nodes.



10.Go Rally by Chillingo Ltd


Genre:Racing Developer:Chillingo Ltd

This tight little off road racer has solid controls, a slick engine, and a powerful track editor. If you want to take it on the other hand rapidly, then please download Go Rally which is free to download and its another title oozing potential, armed with multiple vehicle types to race, which caught our eye is the option to design your own courses and then share them with other players. Tackling a track that you built yourself sounds like a lot of fun.





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