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RETSNOM – Figure the puzzle inside the mirrors

RETSNOM by Magic Cube figure the puzzle inside the mirrors

RETSNOM By Magic Cube

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Magic Cube

RETSNOM is a mirror puzzle game whose gameplay hook is that there are parts of levels that act as kinds of mirrors, and you need to manipulate them in order to get where you’re going. The difficulty of the game is being welcomed and its sensible to play such games techniques like Some can be reversed horizontally, others vertically , and even obscuring or clearing up the mirror can be used to navigate platforms as well. Its all about mirrors and core game mechanics are what makes this game so unique. You have to break part of the map, then mirror it to another side to reach certain areas. This technique will get more complex when it comes to kill zombies, There’s a whole narrative aspect to the game, where you’re a father trying to rescue your daughter.

RETSNOM game tries to give strength that concept bu givinita literal twist. It tres its best to be renegade in both gameplay and narrative. Its best to say it’s a partial success in both regards, but it’s also lacking a certain coherence across the board that keeps it from being all that it could have been. And at the same time its very challenging game you’ll need a good brain on your shoulders to figure out the solutions to each stage, which will test your reflexive skills and the platforming chops to execute those plans. SOme skills will only work in coordination with responsive controls soem levels makes you very frustration at many experiences.

retsnomThe story of the game is you playing a scientist who is desperate to save his daughter’s life. Ther’s been a Zombie outbreak,  and his daughter was infected the father works at is  trying to prepare an antidote, but he is jumbled because there is no way it will be ready in time to save his daughter. But some how struggles across a time portal to the future and reasons that if humanity has survived, expecting someone might have developed an antidote. So that he can get it and bring it back, doing whatever it takes to bring his child back to good health. But when he finds future discovers that the lab has been made into a sort of maze, most likely to keep the zombies out. The only solution to the problem is to move forward is through use of special mirrors that allow him to flip the world. The over story is quite tightly connected to the gameplay, and although I feel like it drops the ball a little at the end, I was certainly interested the whole way through.

The game is really good at explaining how mirrors work taking you into a new mirror feature.
just when you feel you’ve got the game down, it displays new geature that flips the world upside-down, sometimes literally. You have to come up with brilliant idea to complete the hard puzzle, at the end you receive satisfying feeling. And game still has more details in its core rather than just a puzzle.


RETSNOM is the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed, is monster spelled backwards. This is a styekised nod to the game’s central mechanic,which has you flipping the layout of environments to mirrored for doing so is to travel into the future and find a cure for the ramoant zombie virus that is ravaging his daughter. However there’s central conflict in that along the way, he faces many indiduals in whom the same virus is more advanced -making them appear like monsters, but in fact just as human as the daughter he’s at such pains to rescue.  And in some extent its the player’s option how Rambo-esque they go with the supplied machine gun, mowing the wretched souls down often feels unavoidable. All solutions ultimately lie in the game’s mirroring mechanic, which involves rebuilding the world through reflections at the touch of a button. Occasionally, there are glimpses of how this could have been a satisfying mechanic.

The unfortunate truth is that as a puzzler, it’s more frustrating than anything. Sill it makes  great game due to its remarkable mirror puzzles unique concept.


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