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Little Briar – A remarkable stained glass fairy tale game every one must try the game once

Little Briar is a remarkable stained glass fairy tale game every one must try the game once

Little Briar Rose By Mangatar

Genre: Developer:Mangatar

Game Little Briar developed by Mangatar do see any love sight when it comes to mobile games? possibly, at least when they offer visuals as stunning as the ones on display in Little Briar Rose. The apparent comparison is to a stained glass come to life, rather to tell a story that you probably have heard or seen before. WE put in words and Let’s just say it rhymes with “Weeping Cutie. This game have move towards further realism and detail in graphical design has given us some truely stunning games  on IOS like Eisenhorn:Xenos, Infinity Blade 3 developers Elf Games work have taken the extremely interesting approach of coating every element of the title with a stained glass window remarkable design. This unique and outrageous art direction , coupled with an demonstrative and immersive fairy-tale world to explore, reach in a truely jaw-dropping beautiful adventure game.

Little Briar Rose is one of the most gorgeous games you’ll end up seeing on the App store this year. Whether you love fairy tale or not, there’no is no doubt that the stained glass-style graphics will cause your head to turn, even if you don’t care about Briar Rose story. The unique style graphics gives feast for the eyes which is always welcome. The game is inspired from the book Brothers Grimm, and allows the player to create their own journey usin a combination of weird and wonderful creatures. The game is popular known as “Sleeping Beauty,” then you can see the gist of the game’s plt:You arrive in the enchanted forest, surrounded by towering thorns with a simple mission – break the spell and rescue the princess from a forest that is inhabited by many magical critters, and a princess sleeping in said castle. Since the game is a point & click adventure with many puzzle to solve along the way, everything is linear. You control the prince.


Little Briar Rose has an prominence on unpredictable, ethereal charm speaking on both visual design and gameplay,  and wears it heavy Disney influence on its sleeve. you star as one of a seemingly indefinite set of fearless princes, who are committed to save the princess and her cursed kingdom from evil forces. However when the protagonist fails in their quest in other words, when you fail on one of the many minigame puzzles, the next prince in the dynasty will continue the adventure, ina similar fashion to that of Infinity Blade. While Little Briar Rose will surely go down a treat with any fans of point and click adventures ,its certainly one aspect of the game which makes it stand out among others in terms of design and the level of detail and artistic skills the Elf Games designers have. Even those disillusioned with the genre should give the game a look, if just for the stunning visual design.

The game is very challengeing one like a fairy tale story, you cann’t move expeditiously through the narrative without being panalised as players must be aware of what is being said by specific characters. Otherwise, you’ll be looped in a circles, using the hint button to give you a sniff at what the task involves. Be cautious and clever as prince choosing the wrong paths will see the prince transformed into a forest creature – trapped for eternity – then the next prince in the line will have to pick up where the previous prince left off. This is anothe well planned  to the game having another character introduced if current charming prince fail to meet the demands of the forest’s groups- There will be a whole dynasty of princes to go through on the quest to save the princess, but only one will succeed.


When you successfully enjoyinh helping these mytical creatures grants you special wish, which later can be used in the central area of the game by the large mushroom. Whenever players meet mushroom each time its necessary to complete a rotating mushroom maze in order to allow the wish’s spirit form to travel inside- resulting in part of the thorns vanishing. As you make a progress in he game’ you’ll discover a myriad of different puzzles to solve and mini-games to play in order to advance. Each one will have its own control scheme, but everything is fairly self-explanatory so it isn’t too hard to figure out. However, if you fail to clear the puzzle, then your prince will experience an unfortunate magical event,

Overall game is lot of fun Little Briar Rose also has plenty of a achievements to obtain, and there are a ton of hints to various western and eastern traditions, as well as references to classic Disney tales, enjoy lots of dialogues in the game. Moving on to the story, I found it oozing on charm. I enjoyed solving the problems of the forest denizens. Plus, some of the NPCs were really interesting




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