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LASER – Endless Laser Dodging Action

LASER-Endless Laser Dodging Action Your really going have endless fun

LASER-Endless Laser Dodging Action

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Appsolute Games LLC

There are some games we do enjoy more than others, LASER is a cool game where you really going to enjoy Minimalistic and Escher Style Art. Which is also a neat and fluid Game.your mission in the game is to jump through a ver nicely designed minimalist stage without getting blasted to bits also quite simple.

Play on a levels consisting of a path made of blocks, you play as a small cube, and of course laser towers with small red pyramids positioned around each stage. The game is played using simple tap controls to move your player up along the path 2 steps a time, i.e 1 tap will move your player 2 blocks along the path.


if you have already played a lot of minimalist games you’ve probably already experienced quite a few games that are similar to LASER! also you had already come across  previously played extremely difficult games, unless you are extremely strong willed, you probably gave up playing them pretty quickly… This is where LASER! becomes awesome!

There is one special feature in the game even if you put the game down you won’t die. When you play the game this may not feel like the feature for a minute in a game like laser which is mostly based on “timing”, You think for a second when will the laser fire next? Is it safe to move in a right direction. Allowing players to sit for a minute and observe their environment in game without dying is a huge plus point. Especially for players who aren’t all that speed to pick-up paced action games



Overall its a great game with simple One-Touch Gameplay and remarkable soundtrack which aids to focus on gameplay and which adds oozing charm to game, A game for family and show your high score on Game Leader Leaderboards


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