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High Risers – endless runner & climber game jumping ever higher like Superhero

High Risers by Kumobius – endless runner and climber game jumping ever higher like Superhero

High Risers by Kumobius

Genre:Arcade Developers:Kumobius

The game High Risers developed by Kumobius who already developed challenging and remarkable platformer game Bean Dreams. The Kumobius has mostly done various puzzles, but considering how well the platformer genre treats them, High Risers is a perfect followup. They’re going for a different structure and vibe than Bean Dreams, as levels take place on a single screen in portrait mode. Also, your adorable tiny riser can jump around, up and through skyscrapers to change direction, though he will still be running around automatically.

This high score game is free from advertisement. And aim of the game is to climb tall buildings high as possible on a high-rise construction site with a male especially once which are not finished yet. And when you reach to your destination i.e.. on the top of the building you can just parachute off the building. But please don’t try in realistic because you’re not Batman or Superhero. The tiny character moves intensively and all alone leaping from floor to floor by tapping on the screen


The goal of this endless runner and climber is to climb as high as possible on a high-rise construction building bouncing off the walls and avoiding the open gaps that will make your character fall into oblivion. For this, player it runs constantly all alone. By simple taps you jump from floor to floor. But this can’t be done randomness course, must be done wisely. You decide to bounce and turn to other direction at the end floor when you face obstacles bouncing off walls while avoiding the gaps. Always you have to be careful when you reach edge of the floor which is not in case all the floor and minding the gap is always advisable

Controls in the game are simple and initiate and it follows simple one-touch principle, developer takes a new twist in the game when Runner takes you a horizontal direction leaping from floor to floor. And also adds power-ups to keep you trill in game. Collecting the obligatory coins with which you can unlock new characters and environments. And when you get to the top, you can just parachute off the building


This  typical auto-runner with platforming action, however the admittedly brief footage that the developers have shown great interest on High-risers complex, as well as oozing with the charm that makes Kumobius games so memorable like Bean Dreams


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