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DragonVale – Enjoy hatching and caring for Dragons

DragonVale by Backflip Studios hatching and caring for your own adorable dragons!

DragonVale by Backflip Studios

Genre:Aracde Developer:Backflip Studios

The game DragonVale was a popular game from earlier days of mobile gaming that was a hit for Backflip Studios back in 2011. It’s finally received a sequel in the form of DragonVale world, and hope would e that after all this time, a follow-up would move beyond the collect & breed mechanics of its predecessor, as charming as they were, and offer up something new. The original DragonVale was and continued to be, a huge mobile hit. The game had a Zillion downloads, and You can still find players tending to their Virtual Dragon parks.

Backflip studios has decided to follow up on that huge game and has just surprised everyone with the sudden release of DragonVale World, so get ready to build even bigger Dragon Parks. The game is all about collecting Dragons, breeding the,changing their abilities, and displaying them in your park. It’s like Jurassic Park but no one gets eaten. Dragon Vale games world brings over 140 dragons to the game and plenty of ways to engage with them and game one again puts you in Jurassic park, in the sense that you’re building a place for people to come and see dragons instead of dinosaurs. our start out with a modest plot of land, a dinosaur egg or two and a few habitats in which your dragons can live


Each dragon has one or two types:earth, fire, frozen or jungle. They need the appropriate habitat in which to live(and generate coins, as these dragons are part of the show) but primarily, the types come into play when its time to breed more dragons cleverly the game pokes fun at the logistics of how this might occur by saying that when someone walks near the entrance to the Breeding Cave, “they’re attacked by flying hearts and a smooth soundtrack of magical melodies.” Game uses mechanics like  pairing up any two dragons for breeding purposes, and after a pre-determined amount of time, you’ll have a new dragon egg. That in turn needs to incubate in the Hatchery before you find out what you’ve got.

The game creates situation of both trial and error element, to breeding is part of the fun but can also be a little annoying. And rest part of gameplay is mostly managing timers, whether it’s growing food to feed your dragons so they level up, sending others on gathering missions and clearing out rock and trees so you expand your park. Dragon vale world gives opportunity you to work on many of these simultaneously, which is great, but it also reinforces the fact that you’re just often waiting for things to happen ,especially early on. Players can see the efforts put by developers to improve a game lot the first DragonVale game are the visuals the game’s art style is unquestionably inviting. Take a break from your stressful or busy life and spare time on his game zoom in on your dragon park, you’ll see numerous variety of details playing around you with thrill, as some dragons sleep while others fly around while guests and animals alike wander the grounds. The whole thing feels very alive


What has improved a lot since the first DragonVale game are the visuals. The games drawn in right away by the 3D graphics and the game’s art style is unquestionably inviting. If you find yourself bored of something taking one glance on Dragonvale is really a worth which has details of some dragons sleep while others fly around while guests and animals alike wander the grounds. You can feel like realistic and trade dragons to other players like pokemon GO. collect all the resources need to make your dragon park. You can expect plenty of fascinating things in the game



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