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Captain Cowboy – show your skills in asteroid Maze

Captain Cowboy show your skills in asteroid Maze

Captain Cowboy by Wadonk AB

Genre:Arcade Developer:Wadonk AB

Game Captain  Cow boy developed by Wadonk AB this game os one that just get lost in, exploring an uncharted and dangerous world. YOu get something unique about those experiences. Where you have no concept what to expect and no knowlege of where to go. It helped to prepare me for games like Souls Series and King’s Field and I’m so happy developers are making games like that testing the boundaries of the unknown. That’s why Captain Cowboy is great. Which captures the essence of many of those bygone classics mean while I stick to true adventure formula

Captain cow boy is a Puzzle adventure game that is set in the far reaches of space. If you enjoy diamonds, digging and mazes then Captain Cowboy is your favorite game. If you already played games like Caves ‘n Chasms or Doug Dug then you would get Kick out of Captain Cowboy its tossed into an unknown world , the titular Captain is place in unfamiliar territory. These diamonds in the game were some sort of score element, and progressing to the edge of the screen triggered a world of transition to the next area.


The main key to win the tough game lies in learning ins and outs of the environment. You explore by digging through areas of dirt,but some house boulders, were can be dropped strategically to open new areas, or else simply fall on your head. More concepts are introduced as you play, all of which have made of rules attached. you face obstacles like lasers will try to block your path, Enemies will seek you out, and the environment shifts to accommodate these changes as well.

In captain Cowboy, there’s only one game mode, and that is to see how many points you can rack up as you try find your way off an asteroid labyrinth. When you land on asteroid though, there are plenty of shiny diamonds to collect, which equal a point each. I know it seems easy to get points, as all you have to do is collect that bright little diamonds which are big as Captain Cowboy himself. You can find rocks that are scattered all over the asteroid, just like the diamonds, but due to the laws of physics, they will fall if there’s an open space underneath them. Later on in the game, you’ll also encounter the dangerous Gnurfs, underwater caverns, motion-sensitive laser turrets and plenty of other obstacles. And also don’t forget your friendly Snorkhogs, who can help you out on your journey by selling you useful items.


And only you have to do these things when you are around, its said bombs can also be used as an item. and start over an area by pressing the gaint bomb icon in the corner. And you can take help of map when you press the button. Captain cowboy evokes the feeling of Classic PC games , but it manages to maintain its own unique design in the mobile arena. It ensures that every player is going to get the same pristinely crafted experience, but if you’re expecting randomly generated dungeons, you may want to look elsewhere. All of the rooms in Captain Cowboy are handcrafted, and it takes practice and a bit of good memory to survive in this world. The developers have done a great job of preserving the retro experience,


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