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1-Bit Rougue: Take you back to old college memories

1-Bit Rogue: A dungeon crawler RPG! takes back to old memories

1-Bit Rogue: A dungeon crawler RPG!

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Kan Kikuchi

These days pixelart-style making their way in mobile games. Its’ proven to be a popular genre on mobile, 1-Bit Rougue if from Kan Kikuchi and popular Japanese indie developer Skipmore, is the lastest to give it the old college try, while it’s a pretty fun game, I’m not sure it has much to say to anyone looking for something tp perk up the genre. The retro-style presentation feels authentic, there are fun unlockables,elements, and its an easy game to come to grips with its really worth to check out the game.

You can see as the name implies. 1-Bit Rougue is a simplified version of a rouguelike. But more than that it’s a implied version of a Japanese-style roguelike, a sub-genre some might argue is already is more streamlined form. With my experience games like Shiren The Wanderer found a way to boil down the often highly-complex rules of genre which keeps you quite challenging thats mostly existed on home computers and make it palatable for the simpler controliputs & techinical capabilities of consoles.The game With a hero, you will then fall into a 50-level dungeon, which is fully explored and conquered. To arrange this, not only the many enemies per level defeat, but also find the respective steps as level output.

The games end result has a great deal with PC rogyelikes, but is different enough that a person could conceivably like one and not the other. The games varieties have there own pride themselves on extreme difficulty and making the most of your luck, bas or good. The main way they differ is that in western rouguelikes, you don’t typically carry anything over from attempt to save your own increased Knowledge. With enough studying and a bit of luck, you could conceivably win quite a few Western rouguelikes on your first attempt.


The gameplay itself is as simple as it could be. Each floor appears to be you need to find the stairs to the next level of dungeon. That requires you to first hit a switch located somewhere in the level that will reveal those stairs. There are monsters keep watching the hallways who don’t seem to like you very much, statues that can grant you boons or curses, chests that contain one of any number of useful goodies, and traps that will probably kill you if you trip them. There are few things that makes simpler in structure than the average Japanese-style rogue like. I want to tell you these maps are very small. they start off almost fitting completely on one screen and while they get a little bigger as they go and its not necessary of map or anything like that to keep track of things. Secondly, there are always going to be a set number of each type of object per stage, depending on depth. For example, two monsters, one treasure and this is you can choose only one item at a time. And any weapons you pick up will replace the current one, and anything your character can’t use will be turned into cash

In the game its very important to kill now and then defeat the enemies which will add to your maximum HP most of the time. And you have to control your blood thirst against how easily your weapons  break, and you see these weapons are only good for a set number of kills before they break and since you can only carry one at a time, this leaves you quite unprotected until such time as you find another one in a chest somewhere. All these an lead to hairy situations particularly if the only chest on a level holds medicine instead of a weapon. And no need to worry you can fight back still without weaponless, and if you are already in very good position in game the chances are quite good that your opponent will be dealing more damage per turn to you than you are to him. You’l have to make tough choices about whether you want to seek out fights to make sure that you are strong enough to deal with those fights come, and you can’t be barehanded.


There are lots of different enemy types, you enjoy each with its own stats and behaviours. And your characters abilities can’t be changed that much through the course of each play through, these variety of foes helps keep the game fresh. In addition to adding to your maximum HP total,  beating enemies will also reward you with varying amounts of coins. Were you can take advantage of those coins to pray at the statues and altars you might come across, or for a one-time continue should you die. In game you pray to two gods one will give you a curse that might benefit you in one way and hurt you in another. And will give you blessings that are only beneficial you make use these abilties for god use of these options also to need to save up those coins, because after your run is completed, you can use them to level up your character’s HP permanently.

You see these coins are really helpful a lot of coins if you want to unlock the four additional characters. The prices on the last couple of characters are particularly steep, but the coins add up faster than you might expect. There’s no way to buy them with real money, so your only option is to grind them out. Once you’ve purchased that IAP, the only ads remaining in the game are the incentivized ones you can choose to watch for a continue in lieu of paying the gold penalty. the developer has worked really with great ideas trying to bring past memories with only two colors black and white pixels. The gameplay is however in our opinion quite fast monotonous, even if missions should prevent this. If you like the title after the free trial, you can unlock for 2.99 € via IAP the 3-Bit Color Mode.








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