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Top 10 Mobile games of the week you need to play this week

Here are 10 new games hitting app stores this week that stood out to us as the most worth trying.

1.Really Bad Chess by Zach Gage

An den Regeln hat sich nichts geändert: Die farbigen Felder zeigen an, wohin der Spieler seine Figuren ziehen darf.

Everyone might be thinking is this game really a Bad chess will set yourself up for a fall. What is should have been called is really wrong chess, that pretty much excatly what this is. It’s still chess, but you’re given a random set of pieces each game, game is a random mix of pieces. And a clever rotation of a classic game that everyone is, to at least some degree, familiar with. You’ll be given three queens nd 10 Knights, or a tea made entirely of pawns. That can happen You play the game against AI, climbing the ranks and getting tougher boards as you improve. Its more like chess put in a box, upset around, and then stuck on the floor for some kids to kick around.

You can experience beauty of Really Bad chess by everything following a set of standard chess rule. Every piece has the same movement it’s always had:Bishops can move diagonally across the board, Queens like Bishops or Rooks, Knights in an L-shape. And goal is still you have to capture your foe’s king through checkmate, by forcing him into a position where he cannot move without being in check. However strength of the figures in Really Bad Chess is really based on one’s skill so if the player loses automatically rank will drop and but his characters after each lost game better

The strength of the figures is based on the skill: If a player loses, drops his rank, but his characters after each lost game.If you’re a crappy chess player, you’ll be a crappy Really Bad Chess player




2 Shuffle Cats By King

Genre:card Developer:King

Shuffle Cats developed by King which represents departure for King, the studio is well-Known for Candy Crash Saga and other intensely popular match three puzzlers. I’ve been craving for  a good game of rummy for a while now, and that’s exactly what King’s latest release brings out. We’ve been playing this  today, fans of classic card games around the world can join in the fun. This time around, Developer King is moving into the growing genre of occuring same time multiplayer mobile games. It’s set on the rooftops of Victorian London, attribute a cast of zany cats, and plays like a more casual version of the card game Rummy.

King’s games have been primarly casual thus far, while Shuffle Cats is pretty easy to pick up and play, which gives great competitive experience. Each game is played  in real-time multiplayer, costs a sizeable sum of gems to play and you will not lose anything





3.Twisty Board (By GalacticThumb)

Twisty Board developed by Galactic Thumb I can say  everything in one sentense It’s simple and fun. A high score game chaser in which you as a hover rider, escape from obstacles like missiles across five different levels, by unlocking various characters and use power-ups and collecting various keys as you go. Twisty Board is fun and bubbly at exactly the same time. I wasn’t expecting it tob e quite as hard as it is, but it’s half the fun. The meat is in dodging the misssiles while avoiding objects. Game gives great feeling when you pull off some great moves and manage to avoid and destroy some missiles by the skin of your teeth

Its really a simple but tricky game and worth spending your time just once you’ve found your flow it gets really great.




.4.Dustoff Heli Rescue 2by Invictus

Genre:Arcade Developer:Invictus

Game Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Developed by Invictus a helicopter pilot drives in various war zone where 30 missions awaits you and necessary to perform various tasks. This ranges from rescue operation to save soldiers from hostile areas, and from transport vehicles to construction missions  and combat missions where you must eliminate enemy troops via auto-fire. Your fellow soldiers are in the hands of the enemy or stranded behind enemy lines, and you are their only last hope of being rescued. With the aid of helicopter you’ll have to find them and evacuate to a nearby friendly base, back into safety. And stole supplies and vehicles have to be taken back.

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 offers you more challenges, more choppers, more weapons and tons of fun and action.





5.Moveless Chess by Nicolas Saraintaris

Genre:Puzzle  Developer:Nicolas Saraintaris

Moveless Chess is described exactly like the game title. It’s a clever and unusual chess puzzle game with more of chessboard challenges, where you don’t move pieces but rather transform individual pieces into other pieces, game makes attempts to checkmate the AI. And allows you have only finite amount of action points per puzzle, and each transformation costs a certain amount of points.

The game will features 64 challenges and other secreats in retro-style, letting tactically transform your pieces to trap and capture AI pieces. The AI plays by the proper rules.




6. InvisibleBy Klei Entertainment

Genre:Action Developer:Klei Entertainment

The game Invisible already made its name in PC  now consoled into the small screen, a roughlike elements which is really worth to play on weekends. It’s a tactical, turn-based stealth espionage game where I am the eyes of God, Looking down on the isomeric, randomly generated playing field. And there’s infinite time to plot out my spies’ every move and observe the guards’ reactions before completing the mission. It allows player to race against the clock to raise a counter-offensive oppose a rival spy organisation that’s threatening to wipe you out.

It’s a dramatic and tense game, with a gradually increasing challenges and permadeath enforced to prevent players from trying to storm in and shoot the place up.




7.Underworld : Blood Wars By Ludia
Genre:Card game  Developer:Ludia

I game’s melee and ranged combat model is workable, and speaking about design and theme is incompetent and did you know that a human “Anti-Lycan Protester” can beat the crap out of your average blood-frenzied vampire or raging werewolf and out-shoot Selene? Worse, the whole thing is terminally hampered by aggressive monetization. Load your guns, sharpen your claws and build your deck because get ready for a war to fight in the new Underworld card game. The game is inspired from popular Underworld film franchise






8.The secreat elevator By Danil Malinov
 Genre:Puzzle Developer: Danil Malinov

The secreat Elevator developed by Danil Malinov is psychological and mystery puzzle thriller where you will undertake on a challenging journey through various tricky puzzles and paths. You act as protagonist who uses instinctive control to unravel each hidden puzzle behind that small door.


9.Hit The Pillar (by Smilerush)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Smilerush


Hit the Pillar developed by Smilerush is a physics-based platformer game where you control a single block with magical abilities. If you’re a fan of skill-based games, then hit the Pillar is one that you should check out. In game you leap with a cube on endlessly string together pillars. In Hit the Pillar start out on pillar, and there are many more pillars that are laid out in front of it. You just drag your finger on the screen to aim the successor pillars and collect the diamonds to set your score high . Each jump will bring you a one point for your highscore.. and you find yourself on a journey to uncover a darkness that is disrupting the eternal harmony of the realm.


10 I Am Bread By Bossa Studios

 Genre:Adventure  Developer:Bossa Studios


The game I Am Bread in every level you play as a sentient slice of bread who sets on a Sisyphean quest to cross a room and become a gloden brown, its necessary to be delicious toast by any means. You can do this by flipping yourself over and over to cover possible distance and climbing the walls by sticking yourself to them or by inching yourself across a surface . The goal can be anything a toaster,  or it could be a broken, burning TV. Any equip which provides enough heat to get yourself toasty can potentially finish the challengeing levels for you.

I Am Bread has a  story which is full of surprise, but what really matters is your bread slice’s single-minded drive to toast itself now with update version available



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