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Toodle’s Toboggan: set your missions in endless sled, ski and snowboard runner game

Toddle’s Toboggan developed by Prisma Wave LLc one more dog sled racer kind game. set missoion to Take Raccoon and his friends in sled, ski and snowboard runner game

Toodle’s Toboggan:

Genre:PuzzleDeveloper:By Prisma Wave, LLC

The game Toddle’s Toboggan is developed by Prisma Wave, LLC an infinite endless skate runner game with takes you to beautiful lush. Two weeks back we have already enjoyed a successful game dog sled racer (musher) game. we can live out that dream with the runner and simulation mashup that is Dog Sled Saga. But this time its Raccoon, you will guide him in  sled, ski and snowboard  in infinate runner game called Toddle’s Toboggan. The game takes you  at peak performance during a race, are really the only reasons I needed to keep playing. Races are where you’ll likely spend most of your time, and they gives  fasinating  approach to what I think could best be described as “runner” style gameplay.

I really love to travel snowy place but honestly don’t know what having a real winter experience is like, though I wish I did some years beack , because I can’t stand being in the hot sun. I curve for snowy places, I did manage to experience snowy mountains 10 years back it was a tour with my family. Now this is a game so far I’m looking for a enless runner in snowboard. Visually speaking  smooth and asthetic design with bight colors to soft palleete and animations are vivid. And great soundtracks.


The game takes to a beautifuly snowy environment with great challenges to accept and move forward requiring some basic still tricky skill based tap timing, tapping the screen to leap over hazard, watching out for tree logs keeping the lines between the dogs’ harnesses from tangling. It’s all lot pretty simple but still it works. You just enjoy snowboard with toodle the Raccoon and his friends on an endless epic run, select various charcter for snowboard by unlocking characters. All looks pretty simple just need practice to master it.

Controls in Toodle’s Toboggan looks simple and straighforward with basic things just drag your finger to steer and tap to perform air tricks, perfect slalom runs,and during endless race grab coins and flag to unlock characters, and score high with upgrade boosts, earn score and coin multipliers. Each characters you unlock, use them in later levels, because they have their own abilities with each charcater and boosts special powers. This Game is for those who realy enjoy endless game, play in your way with full freedom. The game is pretty good about pointing out what you should be doing at any given time, though you’re certainly welcome to do whatever you like.

The game takes you to degree of depth and a sense of progression in the level up system, where you can choose to focus on certain genres, Even to someone with little experience of his Toodle’s Toboggan, a lot of the humor is rather enjoyable and gives a game its own personality – specifically the Raccoon , when you get hooked on Toodle’s Toboggan, the combination of all the elements . Such as the beautiful snowy art graphics and excellent chip tune soundtrack, the characters and surprisingly all together it complete package., and the fact there is always give something to keep playing towards make it special experience that is more than the sum of its parts Toodle’s Toboggan. Which is symbolic of a trend towards passive, free and instantly accessible experiences, rather than just racing experience.



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