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SproggiwoodB-a new turn to rouguelike game

SproggiwoodB developed by Freehold Games a new twist in rouguelike game with new challenges introduced.


Genre:RPG Developer:Freehold Games, LLC

 The game SproggiwoodB developed by Freehold Games the story of a mischievous little fellow named Sproggi, a guardian spirit who watches over a kingdom that is apparentely moved to destruction. A beautiful piece of nature inhabited by dozens of different species. Sproggi fears that his native’s scattered and uncivilized ways may lead them towards war and chaos, later he decides to bring protagonist Cloghead to guide them through bein order and build unified society. However a new specied appears in Sprog – the mushrooms and  Cloghead must gather together the rapidly-expanding mushrooms before they frighten the other species into war, or worse. The Sproggi tasks the humble farmertaking out a dangerous boss jelly in a nearby forest. Sproggi warns you he’s a bit of a silver tongue, so be alert.

Bumbling and trickery cause plenty of problems for everyone to clean up. The next thing that might catch your eye is the meta-game that has you building up your very own village. Clearing stages for the first time typically allows you to build a new structure, while also inviting new residents to your town. You can see them walking around and can even get some dialogue out of them here and there. Your town also has a shop that allows you buy a selection of items including character-specific gear, one-use boosts, and universal permanent upgrades. This gives you a nice feeling of lasting progress that helps salve the wounds of defeat.


The Sproggiwood is roguelike style game who carries bubbly and guardian character and next thing you might give significant for meta-game that has you build up your very own village clearing stages for the first time typically sllows you to build a new structure, and also buiding new resident to your town. Were you can see them walking around and even experience some dialogues out of them here and there. You can buy selective item in your own town, and character-specific gear, one-use boosts, and universal permanent upgrades. All these gives you one good hope of beginning and that helps like cream the wounds of defeat.

Sproggiwood is really a roguelike-lite, which utilizes number of features to remain accessible to genre newcomers, instead of featuring one gaint, endless dungeon crawl as in 100 Rouges,Sproggiwood uses a series of finite levels with boss fights. You have to beat the boss of the previous level in order to move on to the next dungeon on the map prepare yourself to a way to measure progress and a concrete goal beyond a high score. The shortness of each dungeon is usually average four or five floors all these makes a great fir for pick-up and play-style mobile games.


The first thing that will probably strike about game Sproggiwood is that  humorous tone. It’s not the first roguelike to approach things with an over sense of humor. Another feature is the ability to permanently to buy any equipment or items discovered in dungeon. While exploring in levels you come across a weapon, accessory or a piece of armour, potion this will be added to your shop inventory. Purchaseing these items will then unlocks useful items for any dungeon before entering, also you can equio your selected character with one item per category from your owned selection. Some permanent upgraded like will aid you perfom well in game like increased EXP multipliers or more treasure chests per stage. Enemies act only when you do, allowing plenty of time to shop and think about your next move beore taking it.

The character Sproggiwood’s focus on directly combat system and melee enemies gives a distinct advantage to any class that can attack from a distance. It’s still fun to swap between stages these is very impressive of their diffrent play styles and gold bonuses for completing levels, controls in game are pretty straightforward letting baddies come to you and avoiding being surrounded. and hitting cloghead when they’re within one square of him you will rarely have to switch to your strategy in a dungeon.

You can find one more cool trick that Sproggiwood the difficult settings doesn’t make any difference in the actual gameplay. And switching the setting usually doesn’t make much difference but playing the game on the highest difficult setting is like playing a whole new game. And on easy settings the game looks pleasant and play it without any tension and result will be progression. The enemies in the game sometimes gang up on you, and its easy to lead around. On savage difficulty, enemies will hit harder, use new abilities and tricks set traps. Have to be very careful. The game is reasonably fair to play. When you die within dungeon you keep all the items and money you’ve collected. Each session is different too and in all you unlock 6 different classes and cultivate that town of your own with new buildings, or more decorative elements. game is totally fun, challenging, rewarding and adorable all in one. And it provides varies opportunity throwing tons of things at you and use them. And it satisfys all players in its own style


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