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You must build a boat – Build a Boat of your design grabbing resources

You must built a boat developed by EightyEight Games LTD build a boat of your design by grabbing varies resources

 You must build a boat

Genre:Puzzle Developer:EightyEight Games LTD

You must build a boat developed by EightyEight Games LTD a grid based puzzle game. Every one loves to paly puzzle games especially challenging match-three puzzle RPG games, don’t you? You’re going to want this one, believe me. You feel instantly at home here, where with great pixel art graphics are all in place and game drives the narrative along, There are plenty of tweaks and additions in gameplay.

You must Built A Boat is the sequel to the original match -stuff 1000000 RPG game that came out back in 2012. The depth of the game is a match-three endless runner. and various concepts immerse getting the necessary resources, you’ll have to drop anchor and test yourself against the local wildlife. In doing so, you’ll collect gold, gather items, new crew members, and monsters, all of which will help you become stronger in one way or another. Once you’ve grabbed everything from one location, you’ll pull up the anchor and sail on. The game even keeps track of your time on each leg so that you can try to beat it again more quickly once you’ve finished.


To do this task requires entering dungeons to collect treasures and golds, new crew members, monsters all things will make you even stronger in the quests. Collect the stuffs and pull the anchor and sail on.  In this adventure game you come across by an opstacle or bunch of damages, if he losses time and limited reach on the screen. If he fails too far behind, scrolling continuously left side of the screen will catch up to him and end the run.

In term of games mechanics you just have to watch your guy running across the top of the screen while you play on the lower half. You launch attacks just have to slide between rows and columns to match at least three of one type resources, use your defense or unlock chests. While you’re matching the screen keeps on scrolling and if you are failed to clear an obstacle before it scrolls you go off left side. Later you can take rewards a head towards boat  once you win. play many times to take the rewards after completing all of the missions, you enjoy playing game in each level provided different sections and once you enter on each, a random modifier will be applied with types of dungeons, a new dungeon modifier eature has been introduced. This assigns a specific unique attribute with 4 attributes simultaneously.

You can keep on matching pieces while clearling out and collapsing and collecting gold coins can be used for upgrade and later levels, comman resource earned by opening chests, beaing monsters. Buy artifars and upgrade your magic which improves effects of the spells, can discover while playing. Summoned monsters will give a passive bonus from one stat to another. Dust will be used for remarkable powerful upgraded tp your sword and wand.  The boat you design feels lot more alive. The captivated monsters will be randomling climbing on the decks and new memers will set up their rooms to visit them.  Rewards will be granted after certain missions just like new crew members and boat pices.

The more and extra elements add together to make a surprise deep to a game, creates  great  frantic, fast-paced experience with new strategies availablle. Game keeps you engage for longer hours with always something to do feature, and get frustrated from time to time when you get stuck between tricky puzzle. The game has got great quantity, more enemies and subtle background and lot more things to explore. Visually speaking asthetic design and vivid animation. And game has given different shape to elements from moveing items with separate slots to the puzzle board itself, which involves strategic and at times tough decisions.


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