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Mushroom wars 2 By Zillion Whales

Mushroom wars 2- a game about conquest guide tiny Mushrooms to the way of success.

Mushroom wars 2 By Zillion Whales

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Zillion Whales

The game Mushroom wars 2 developed by Zillion Whales where you play with clan of Mushroom people who acts as funny enough at war with the other clans of Mushroom people and in a way it’s an interesting enough diversion. It lacks the more action-focused explosions of the tower defence genre, but it boobles along quit happily all the same.  The game is not too challenging but if you want to go still in details there’s a lots of potential for a sort of mastery lying behind the counting. And game offers you solid strategy experience.

Essentially the game is about mastery. Throwing yourself into the beta of Mushroom Wars 2 is an fasinating experience. You start playing each level with a bunch of bases shaded in your colored shade on a map with atleast one other mushroom Kingdom of a different color on there. Mushroom Wars 2 gives you both frustrating and flat experience, the game has done really great job walking through various places in an environment that feels promising and satisfying.


The game allows you  attempt to conquer a map by sending your armed forces into buildings in order to capture them, while your enemies on the same map, does the same. The game will display their occupancy in numbers so that you will know how many troops you need to overwhelm the inside forces so first capture neutral buildings. You can check a counter along the top of the screen that shows which side has the most troops, You have to discover yourself how many amount will be holding troops and remember by seeing enemy troops entering because game doesn’t count the troops. But often positioning troops is as significant as weight of numbers come the end of the game.

When first entering the game you are make to play with simple menu to travel through an adorable background music everthing game’s nature matches the tiny nature of these Mushroom people. From there you are made to launch into a game onto one of the many maps already available. There are different types of building that change depending upon how you play in games, and you can select a bunch of your building by tapping three fingers on the screen.


The whole concept is about building up your army so you’ve got more soldiers than the other side, You win when all of the bases on the map are your color. You lose when the opponents happen. You can upgrade bases once you’ve captured the units. It costs units but once the upgrade is completed the base will produce more units its like rewards you are earning by captureing opponents.

The game offers plenty of maps to play through, very few offers anything new in terms of strategy. There is a real fact that once you capture, you can turn any building in game into any form of your need. Everything works really a great way it should work and the same period you’ll never find yourself perticulary admire with anything it’s doing. There are nice ideas, and more content in core of game. And lots of potential filled in game that’s perfectly pleased with what it has to offer.





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