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Mini Metro – subway management simulator puzzle game

Mini Metro Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club subway management simulator puzzle game  Mini Metro is crafting an efficient network for transporting resources and then progress under pressure and tight limitations

Mini Metro Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club

Genre:strategy puzzler Developer:Dinosaur Polo Club

Mini Metro Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club the game throws in some puzzles into the mix, its all building about subway maps and the player builds lines to get people to where they need to be as efficiently as possible. The thrill of Mini Metro is crafting an efficient network for transporing resources and then progress under pressure and tight limitations, like a calmer simpler take on the popular spacechem. The game was originaly released on Steam almost a  year ago and it almost tooke me a while to understand Mini Metro. And my first attempt on ipad felt confusing but later I picked it up. The game’s relaxing minimalist visual hides a challenging juggling act, that requires planning a head and in the moment to keep everything moving smoothly.

Mini Metro is a game about strategy game. As a controller it’s your job to design the subway layout successfully so as not to cause chaos and delays and disrupt on your journey. But please don’t ignore that beautifully minimalist aesthetic design for too long. The game you choose is a tranit map brought to life, zooming out and in each round progress until your early collection of station is a stretching web of colored rails intersecting and crossing under bays. Game is very easy to manipulate similar like understanding by visually. Just with simple dragging between stations to connect them, holding on stations to disconnect them, placing additional trains on lines.


There are several different ways of rail reconstruction you can keep pace with Mini Metro’s ever growing number of stations. First you come across is the standard mode which you can be played either in Normal or Extreme difficulties. Normal mode offres you to rearrange tracks as needed  and An overcrowded station will end your game of your Metro system after 45 seconds. Extreme is for the more experienced players. Each map, from Hong Kong and Cairo ,London and New York City to , begins with a few stations before expanding, challenging you to adapt to the stream of passengers. Mini Metro adds set of rules to be followed, certain shaped travelers can only be unloaded at same-shaped stations, and limitation that turn railway building into a a test of resource and space management.

Game starts off nice and simple with just three station but you know things will get harder as the game goes on. Rail Stations can only be connected to a finite amounts of tracks, Bodies of water must be crosses with bridges and tunnels. But an overcrowded station will end your game after 45 seconds. So its your duty to be within that framework,and carefully consider your metro layout. So decide do you use a bridge here to unload passengers importantly or more short ones to pick up passengers faster? Opt for longer but fewer rails on which  rail do you want to place your extra trains.


Game offers you Daily mode, where you can compete with other players from all over the globe for the best score .After each week, you are able to choose an upgrade, such as  longer carriages that allow for more passengers or additional tunnels these upgrades can complete change your strategy. The standard levels always results in randomize the city growth, so each game you play will be unique in its own style.

One thing you can observe in game as the city grows, you’ll see smaller shapes which represents passengers and the lines that they want to reach to their destination. keep an eye on these things and make sure that you can build your tracks efficiently to satisfy everyone’s needs. You can truly test your skills in Extreme mode, which makes all your rail placements permanent, and in Daily challenges. While your early attempts as metro architect may be challenging and chaos, Game’s system under pressure, the need to adapt and adjust your fantastic effective railways due to a new station or a new upgrade, that makes Mini Metro so supreme engaging. Mini Metro is a IGF award-winning strategy game that needs to be played. So what are you waiting for just grab the game for £3.99/$4.99.



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