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My Majesty By Tigrido Ga – Rule your Kingdom in your style

My Majesty developed By Tigrido Ga Rule your kingdom wisely by taking tough decisions.

My Majesty By Tigrido Ga

Genre:Card Playing Developer:Tigrido Ga

The game My Majesty developed by Tigrido Ga When you play My Majesty first thing enter your mind is Reigns with similar theme which you sure gona love the whole idea involved in gameplay. Game focused on every small details on decision making and your character as king to keep everyone happy, The game Majesty isn’t quite as simple to swipe through, but it also offers a little more depth. Like you desperately trying to keep six factions happy, solving kingdoms wide issues like the the great fires and winning wars, the plague at the end the key is to maintain balance.

Randy Hope

The character Randy Hope is given string of situations and you solve by selecting various choices at the end see the result what happens in citizenry. The decision you made will affect eight groups inhabiting your world. They may turn angry, sad and even revolt also you cann’t please everyone because there has to be balancing act in classic play. You can invest real money to your infrastructure to earn more coins and also from your effort.


Laura Egri

You play as king, and put your efforts to keep citizens happy by ruling over them. His task is very important in game because it involves introducing audience to the various groups in your kingdom and solving bunch of requests and problems. The each choice you make will have serious impact on evryone. Also you play as balancing in all aspects to keep people happy. Aslo other aspects like keep your treasury ctock and remain in charge.

One of the things I really like are the gorgeous animations but unfortunately, even those can’t stop it from becoming repetitive. It’s worth a try but I’m not sure the funny and though outcomes are enough to keep you on the throne.

Oksana Ryan
Your role is king and trying to please six factions. They make demands and you have to make right choices either please or upset the faction. You’ll then lose or gain popularity with remaining factions, as as result leads to conspiracy and rebellion. You start with shed load of money but ehrn each choice or rebellion costs from 100,000 coins, it rapidly vanishes. ou have a tax generator where coins are constantly gathered watch tutorial about buying jewels, coins for real money. You can observe there’s no real action in play it’s just selecting multiple decisions and impact are outcomes of your decisions.

You can observe the game is well polished with hand draw painting which has exceuted quit well, with great soundtrack and vivid animation. This game is not real game here, You feel you’re balancing resources but with each decision you upset a faction by consedering the game is well balanced. But only matter is before you run out of faction it’s open rebellion. Their is a casion skill getting you to part with cash else game is boredom.

In game you’re asked few questions about your ruling kingdom and the factions in it and depending upon your answer of increase or decrease your favour with several factions. The idea behind this is juggle so you don’t lose all of your favour with any of them. The game turns to fun when you just do that and they start revolting you later youn slap them in irons and cart them away. Think king is dead you’ve stepped into shoes of medieval ruler of a fictitious kingdom you tasked with keep everyone happy and satisfied. You’re given six factions to work with each has its own motivations. You are put in situation and you must choose which of the two outcomes is best. The tough part you believe your selection id farreaching than you trust

Eventually you feel you have catched the grip in game but sooner or later, you’ll find yourself making a couple of bad decisions. My Majesty offers numerous conditions in which you can win or loose a war or being ovethrown by a rival faction. rather than you’re going to lose due to run out of money. Only treasury can only keep you well stocked for so long, with numerous factions. Coincidentally My Majesty’s premiumcurrency comes into play. You can earn more gems for making good decisions. These gems can be used later to replensih your treasury.

I recommand To play My Majesty which has more fun in the deepth of game also many things to explore with your decision making skill either lose or win.







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