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Leap Bomber (by Honglin Chen) -a 2-D Adventure game

Leap Bomber by Honglin Chen Enjoy 2-D adventure game

Leap Bomber (by Honglin Chen)

Genre:Adventure Developer:Honglin Chen

The game Leap Bomber developed by Honglin Chen a platformer game with challenging task to achieve and trying to solve puzzles that wil make you curse yourself forehead over how obvious the solution seems after the fact. Its all about fun, but as a platforming game, a clever combination game from Honglin Chen

developed over the years was for card games

I always love to surf for new games in appstore especially challenging with new fresh concept. So I was intriguied  to check Leap Bomber with clever combination concept. Game resembles like Super Mario has a non-linear nature because each character is independent of one another – there’s no crossover of items. While this takes away some of the complexity of the game and there are moments where it feels like an item could be of  use elsewhere, but no. All the solutions can be had within each character’s own set of levels. This means that if you get stuck with a any challenging level, you know there’s always something you can do.


Leap Bomber is the Kind of game where it will make you frustrated over not solving levels, then you will mutter profanities to your self over how stupid you are that you weren’t able to figure out the solution before. It seems all does make sense now. You should use your skills to advance at certain points, but interestingly enough, the game never changes the dynamics of its platforming, so dontworry about game’s toughness or anything like that the platforing is all about your skills. Though I would say that while there are a few tricky platforming sections, I would still recommend this game to people who love adventure game, challenging. Game takes you to various paths and chaos, and avoid obstacles, traps and triggers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and do go to every level, because you’ll have to do so any times. There are some red flags in the game so don’t think every possible interactive element is a potential solution. Task of the game is reach to your destination by avoiding obstacles, spikes and strange animals, leap and bomb to clear your path and move forward for progress. Game provides you lots of freedom to move within each stage but it takes time to master it.Visually speaking Leap Bomber is designed with minimalistic style, The environments range from lush landscapes areas to desert areas with vivid environment. Characters in the game has their own unique style and movement pattern. Colors ranged from bright to darker and richer shades.


Overall game is a perfect pakage but still I wanted more detailed in depth its just leap and bomb, repetitive in most stages.



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