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Iron Snout+ By Aurimas Garuolis – Fight like ninja and kung-Fu expert

Iron Snout By Aurimas Garuolis games lets you enjoy skills of a ninja and kung-Fu expert all rolled into one.

Iron Snout By Aurimas Garuolis

Genre:Action& ADventure Developer:Aurimas Garuolis

Iron Snout developed by Aurimas Garuolis a fast-paced and bacon-flavored combat game. This is a kind of game you dip into bored and frustrated wants desperately need for some stress relief and killtime. In most parts of the game you feel something stupid, but that doesn’t stop you from reasonably well executed. And you are allowed to play in a mixer of colourful and brutal fighting worlds.

The game has a non-linear nature because each character is independent of one another – there’s no crossover of items. While this takes away some of the complexity of the game, and there are moments where it feels like an item could be of use elsewhere, but no. All the solutions can be had within each character’s own set of levels. And games lets you enjoy skills of a ninja and kung-Fu expert all rolled into one. The character cute Piglet is carried well in the game with Kungu-Fu and Ninja technics, thanks to developer Aurimas Garuolis which allows players to fight against waves of wolves and keep them facinated in fast-paced and bacon-flavored combat system


Right now I’m early in the game, was pretty impressed by different enemies and how you use their own weapons against them to gory effect. Use enemies body parts and weapons to aid your battle. The game is perfect to test your reflexive skills.  Iron Snout+ is the kind of game where it will make you frustrated over not winning high score, then you will mutter profanities to yourself over how stupid you are that you weren’t able to figure out the solution before. It all makes so much sense now! You need some items to advance at certain points, but interestingly enough, the game never changes the dynamics of its platforming,

Task of the game is you guide Iron Snout in a fast, endless fight with ninja and a kung-fu skills use them in a  brutal fighting platform against hordes of wolves to save the bacon. Sometimes you feel  in this intense angry piglet fight with waves of wolves are futile battle because game only focus too much on high scores. which eventually looses piglets’s health represented by rashers of bacon which is gradually spent when you miss dodging a blow here and there. There are some funny scenes which resembles like flying rocket pigs when I kick them and their rockets land on the other enemies. which looks so funny and bring smile on youe face. The game has involved lots of fun and successed in its simplest idea. But I still wish to have more story in the core of game.


Controls in the game are simple and straightforward tapping to punch and sliding up or down to jump or duck. Also you can combine these controls creating sliding moves, jump attacks and mishmash of other techniques. So you don’t have to worry about anything else just prepare yourself on aiming on speed and timing, as the wolves gradually diminish upon your territory. Alltogether a Angry cute piglet character looks great with simple theme and minimalistic design, game brings you something a bit more satisfying with small price to pay for a entertainer game.


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