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Inklings – Zak & Max LLC one more Lemming kinda game

Inklings – Zak & Max LLC one more Lemming kinda game


Genre:Arcade Developer:Zak & Max LLC

Inklings developed by Zak& Mak LLC feels like game is inspired from Sticklings and Lemmings a survival puzzle game. Unlike Lemmings Inklings doesn,t offer scrolling back and twist lines of wonderers. You can see Inklings in various steps live, die and at the end just escape from self-contained artworks which is made-up of 38 beautiful stages.

Inklings are featured with beautifully hand-drawn realistic art based levels, Unfortunately, due to its difficulty and challengling physics based puzzle you be prepared to die frenquently. And it contains adorable items like flip gravity, portal gun, explosions and many more to reach the goal. Its our responsibility to save poor, helpless Inklings from cruel mistress of art and bad luck.


The players goal on each stage is to get the specified number of inklings to escape through the black hole torn in artwork. These inklings automatically wanders in a straight line and turn upon hitting a wall, its your duty to guide inklings get through their destination. A variety of tools are assigned to each inklings this allows them to dig stage. With the help of stickers that can be placed anywhere on a stage to takeon the same abilities to any inklings that touches them.

Often you’ll be assigned with numerous inklings than you need to win, allowing you to sacrifice some, as launching bombers or path-clearing miners. But some inklings will be in sleeping mode on othe screen which is awoken by friends and its best to save them all which is used for later stages. In every stage there is huge amount of requirements and approaches you must take which is quit challenging one in every stage.


Inklings elements are defined as unpredictable and not constable tn their use. In the very first tutorial level, you’ll use the pickaxe element to drill through a platform and land on the level just below it. following other levels the pickaxe item often drill through the entire stage sending any inklings who doesn’t land the goal hole on their journy down the level. The ghost element effects even more irregular. Sometimes a ghost inkling will travel through half the stage while plain and other  times it will travel through a single line before getting stuck.

The Inklings is very challenging game you need to shoot a portal at a specific angle or use your pickaxe upon one very pointed spot,  you’ll have to do so in the split-second as the inkling crosses it. One often useful feature is you can slow down game’s speed but doesn,t support pause button. This feature makes the platforming-style stages—jumping inklings between moving fish or catching them everything should be quick because time is precious

There are so much hidden things in game to findout and much going on, which is all based on classic and contemporary art pieces, such as Monet’s Water Liliesor Kandinsky’s Several Circles, kids’ art “Shapes” and game allows you to mould the level to your own design by taking advantage of its drawable canvases, and dropping ground, dragging.

Inklings grouped levels by theme and opened up each theme upon completion of a certain number of the previous batch. Good thing is if you get stuck on one stage you can jump to any level in the same group and don’t take unnecessary risk to complete every stage to unlock the rest.  Altogether Inklings is a mixed idea. Truely clever levelsand theme, highlight the best of what game has to offer This hand drawn painting is remarkable. Those who love to play Lemmings are surely love this game.



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