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Gymnastick von Juuso Salonen – A falling stick simulator game

Gymnastick – A falling stick simulator game

Gymnastick byJuuso Salonen

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Juuso Salonen

The game Gymnastick developed by Juuso Salonen which is an unusual and innovative  Falling stick simulator game. You can observe stick spins round and round making you quickly addicted and immersed in game. Task is to drop out with a small, white bar at the bottom of the screen. But it’s also incredibly charming in a way that makes it near impossible to put down. And what it does brilliantly is condense simple minimalistic game into one ridiculous title


Gymnastick offers great combination of relaxation and brain simulator, principle involved in game sounds simple, but soon turns out to be the complexity of game increases when you achieve progression. For each level awaits new obstacles and challenges on you, which may experince under any circumstances so its necessary to solve them efficiently. Otherwise, the level restarts and puts you again at the top of the screen. And Down falls intense turning stick by itself -sticks fall directly like its doom. Therefore be ready to fail often which makes you perfect until you master it. So its important to  observe the tricks and tackle the skillful actions before you get frustrated.

screen696x696                                                                                                                                            Control in the gameplay are simple and straightforward, with simple mechanics used just tap right and left side of screen to control drop of flips. And the screen on either side and the corresponding side of the bar is nailed almost in the background. The sticks does all mechanics doing precise flips, swinging and hanging around the bar and down. with brilliant skills you can directly tackle sticks flight down by circumnavigated. In the game any repeattedly reshaped openings which also moves obstacles with some helps will be arrived at the bottom of screen, If you are in looped situation. The edges at the left and right of two displays should be avoided. Because which finishes the passages immediately

Overall game is superb with minimalistic design and can be played anywhere during short breaks, waiting room or in bathroom. And check your reflexive skills which is also great brain simulator. challenge yourself in this innovative gameplay by completeing 50 levels. Which is  simple, unique and eye-catching, and gives the game a really great powerful identity. oozing with charm and with plenty of challenge to keep you pushing yourself. Gymnastick – Endless Flipster is worth trying,



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