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Ghosts of memory – A remarkable game makes you getting lost in puzzle world

Ghost of Memory-Developed by Paplus International A remarkable puzzle game makes you getting lost in puzzle world

Ghost of Memory

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Paplus International


Ghost of Memory inspired by Paplus International game takes you to the mysterious world inspired from monument valley 3D puzzle game . views allows you to take in gigantic landscapes of ancient civilization. By exploring puzzles based on tricky tiles and putting interesting ideas across, to explore the mystery hidden within it.

The game takes you to the world of beautiful journey making you immersed with detailed levels, unique design with clear grid of floors creates atmospheric feel with solveing bunch of puzzles. Game is well excetued, efforts of the developer can been seen how much he has involved.

Controls in game are simple just tap to move and slide finger around to move the blocks. But sometimes game hung up in between. You just have to jiggle them to get around to get them into right place and icons above your avatar’s head will initiate actions like trasporting across place or use of the objects in game. There’s little bit of care is necessary while manipulating objects in the world. While it doesn’t contain timer or action-oriented in anyway And You’re sliding blocks, casting spells, and making your way through a lovely looking, collapsing world.


Ghosts of Memories features four different world to explore with handful of levels in each. The game’s plot has you, a lone traveller, set on a mission to rescue captivated women who is trapped inside a crystal. This aims you have to repair the crystal fragments by figuring out the puzzle laid out before you. As you play  beginning of levels are not tricky but later stages it involves tricy puzzle with arrangeing floating blocks and new mechanics involved each world.

Visual of the games are asthetic and neatly excetued with tons of bright colors and vibrant hues with vivid animation with crystal clear grid-like floors. The Entire game is narrated in realistic artstyle with tricky puzzles to solve so scratch your head a lot . Soundtrack of game gradually makes you focus on game.

I felt levels in the game are very challenging and tricky makes you frustrated in floating blocks have to swipe in specific direction. Makes you think a lot and get confused feel like grabbing another item by backtracking still its nice to take tough challenging levels. Highly brain simulator game. Explore 21 unique levels with six gorgeous worlds.

I Suggest to play this game once which takes you to vast world with breathtaking landscapes and much more in detail to learn, by exploreing 21 levels of isometric puzzle games with gigantic landscapes and wanting for more and its totally diffrent from Monument valley







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