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George: Scared of the Dark – Auto runner Platformer game that sees you controlling the titular hero.

George:Scared of the Dark-  2D auto runner Platformer game that sees you controlling the titular hero.

George: Scared of the Dark

Genre:Platformer Developer:one-man studio Wall West

Scared of the Dark is remarkable and beautiful platformer game  which is  considered quite addictive due to it’s relatively unforgiving difficulty levels. with an auto-run element as a ghost called George who has a terrible fear of the dark. And you jump through different terrains while avoilding monsters and collecting skulls. Cute little frighten ghost will never receive eternal rest until he conquers his fear  and unravels the mystery of a lighthouse’s known occupant.

A gaint skull in the sky gives some oblique words of advice and sends monster George on his way and its necessary to George set out an adventure to conquer his fears by setting journey towards the light. The game is a mixture of 2D runner and a platformer. As a george you’ll jump from ledge to ledge. You need to tap to leap in the air, and  swipe to the left to perform a strange sort of backflip that slows you down, and swipe to the right to dash through the air. Collecteing skulls that will unlock items and additional characters. Later You can find out total ten maps excluding the tutorial and the end stage. When you finish these maps will unlock next one and these are procedully generated. Each map is a different terrain type


The controls are pretty fluid and straightforward, with swiping motions altering each jump. There are so many abilities to learn the controls, slightly learning the curve for figuring out when to jump and swipe for the best results. Once you get the hang of it, the gameplay can be fun. The game is an auto runner that sees you the titular hero.  He sprints automatically through randomly generated levels, with you controlling the variety of jumps he can pull off. And you can find  There’s a story  in depth  running alongside the action and good old cut scenes to watch.

I’ve fallen in love with the visuals, they’re vibrant and really give it a distinct look. All parallax scrolling and beautiful colours, which is oozing with charm. The fact of the matter is regardless of what kinds of levels are generated, you’re gonna die a lot. Scattered in the levels are skulls which function as the game’s charm. After a small fortune is obtained, you’ll be able to unlock skills and advancements, such as higher jumps and you get extra points for finishing the levels quicker. It may be off-putting for players who favor rote memorize as a means to mastery, but it really does help to keep things interesting and fresh.


All these features about the game makes to stand its own style. There isn’t much to keep a person playing the game. While unlocking each new themed map can be rewarding, it wasn,t enough to naturally keep me going to find out how George’s journey ended. Even this eventually true at one point you lose all your skulls you earned for a level whenever you die. But still This is a real gem and definitely worth picking up if you enjoy platformers and is a very challenging game that’s perfect for spending game on weekends.





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