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Flappy Golf 2 – A mix Flappy Bird and Stickman Golf series outcome is exotic hybrid

Flappy Golf 2 developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc a mix Flappy Bird and Stickman Golf series with exotic hybrid

Flappy Golf 2

Genre:Arcade Developer:Noodlecake Studios Inc.

This time a game form Noodlecake Studios have come up with a mix idea of Flappy Bird and sticky Golf which continues with ideas of Stickman Golf series which folds them into simple two touch mechanic,  in the process creating this reasonably original hybrid.  While most other Flappy games are lost for a long time in the depths of app stores it has with Flappy Golf. Making a better way through its little level is lots of fun and competing with friends in the multiplayer mode is the mixer of entertainment and challenging is on already particulary filling cake.

This new universal app from Noodlecake Games is again free to commercials financed. The developer has come out with an extremely brilliant idea by giving a golf ball a Wings. If you’re looking for an arcade game with more than the usual amount going on, then its worth checking  out this game.The  developer brings new twist to Stickman Golf series game by allowing Golf ball to fly high which aims to conclude with a minimum of Flat Terern different courses. The game allows players to do lots of completionist, all of the levels are open from the get-go meaning ifyou ger you can just try something else.


The controls in game are simple and straighforward, there’s daily race that lets you challenge players from all, around the world on a specific course. Finishing soon will give you a surprise prize which is a great news. use two buttons at the bottom of screen, tap the button on left balls flaps up and tap to the right ball flaps up to right. And plan a path to avoid obstacles while aiming on spectacular golf courses in the direction of flaps and hole. Scoring stars with a star scoring system based on how many flaps you use to get to the hole(less flaps).

In Flappy Golf 2 arcade game there’s lots of stuff to collect as well. Game offers many entertainment for players to enjoy. play against  friends in the same room by linking your mobile devices, or join up with players from around the world for an online race. The end result is blast together of nice ideas. The game is not choas particulary focusing on challenges, and you really going to have a good time in playing as well with satisfaction , at end of the day only that matters


Flappy Golf 2 is flattered with 29 crazy courses in the popular and gorgeous Super Stickman Golf 3 In addition to the classic single-player mode of processed Flappy Golf 2. Plus there are lots of content in depth which lets you shine just like sweet Noodlecake game .Flappy Golf 2 is an excellent sequel. It’s charming when it needs to be, funny when you’re playing with your friends, and is shiny and sweet just like you’d expect a Noodlecake game to be. Winning the game against your friends rewards you with some eggs which  later used to unlock new balls and wings to unlock.



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