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Eggggg – The Platform Puker – A puking Machine

Eggggg – The Platform Puker, a puke-based platformer, enjoy all actions in running and propelling yourself around using the force of your vomit.

Eggggg – The Platform Puker

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Hyper Games

Eggggg Developed by The Platform Puker . Platformers are something I’m a huge fan of. But I can honestly say I’ve never seen one quite so disgusting as Eggggg‘s which definitely left me feeling nauseous. There’s puke-based puzzles to solve too like falling into a pit which you must then fill with your own puke in order to swim to the surface and escape. The game is not everyone’s cup of tea. It looks really lovely, it tries something different and the bodily fluids you’re exploding out all over the place adds a glossy change of pace to the usual auto-running platformer.(Instead of propropelling in broomstick act as a sort of jetpack pucking machine )

The game is totally fun and visually its drowned of cartoonish style and entertaiment its heavly inspired from the wonderful Adventure Time. And special thanks to Brosmind who has created fantastic artstyle. Also adding to the charm is the sound effects, which are created entirely by sound designer Bendik Hoydahl’s mouth, beyond the casual theme you’ll find a reasonably smart leaper with few twists that would deserve a space on your mobile screen or add to your favorite list game.


This little boy called Gilbert act as protagonists of the game to escape from the clutches of her aunt to come to his birthday party. To make it happen you have to overcome a series of obstacles and take advantage of his secreat weapon” pucking”using your projectile vomit to bounce and spewing  through series of tight and well designed 20 levels. Whole game has puking-realted actions from smart leaping to- wall climbing, Boss fights puke among many others

The control system in puke-based puzzles are fluid and straighforward. Tap to the left of the screen and you’ll jump to the left  and tap to the right you’ll jump to the right. The developer calls the game a two-touch platformer. A strange system because there are essentially two jump buttons. It takes a bit of getting used to it but once you get the hold you’ll find it pretty easy. You can also pick up special forms of puke like one that allows you to jetpack around the air. Collecing golds allows you to uncover more secrets and more surprising twist you can expect these makes you feel like you’re doing something pretty now.


Game throws many surprising tasks like boss fights, and bunch of enemies to hack to death, with liquidy exclusion of bitter and propellant. All looks something better for game’s theme. rather than gross subject matter but is a lot easier to digest when seen in motion thanks to Eggggg’s oozing charming art style. Game uses vomit-based platformer  in a cutesy and incredible charming way with some neat twists and things diffrently, but there’s enough familiarity that you’re never lost or chaos.


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