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That Dragon, Cancer By Numinous Games – Fight the Dragon Cancer

That Dragon Cancer developed by Numinous Games fight the dragon cancer

That Dragon, Cancer

Genre: Developer:Numinous Games

The game That Dragon Cancer developed by Numinous Games which is retelling of joel Green’s five -year battle with cancer . The game was inspired from by the ordeal with cancer that Numinous Rayan Green’s son joel went through,  and tells the story of a family through a series of vignettes. It tells about illness of their real-life son joel, the challenges to the parents and serve as a memorial to him. The game was started developming while joel was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but he sadly passed away in March 2014 while it was still in the development while  lead to change in the direction of the game. So its the mixer of emotional, adventure and narrative which is difficult topic few . So its not mobile game which makes you cry its two powerful poectic hours of gameplay.

The game was created by husband wife team, Ryan and Amy Green Who made the game as a way to cope with the loss of their young son, There are mini games that are an attempt to distract you and the parents from the current situation  describes sentimental feeling like upsetting experience knowing someone with cancer can be which is an unforgettable experience of entire life. The game combines full of hope and darkness, and moments of game will stay with you for years and stands as more brutally honest videogames that you’re ever likely to play.



That Dragon Cancer is a brilliant and difficult experience whoever going to play deals with lots of emotion and strong decisions and there is no point be contested here. this game wanted more love and  strong emotional controls and sometimes its frustrating. That Drogon Cancer is not a game it’s just the control system you move around the world with taps and swipes, just poking finger onto UI buttons to go to point. This is emotional game which is bit sad   and more often this is not working because we cann’t these game which is filled with emotional contents.

And this is bit irritative because mobile feels like it should be the perfect platform for game which shouldn’t be sadding . and its undobutedly a challenging experience. You can see the beauty and distress that the game carries even in slightly broken shape its still moving in ways. the game provides you serious narrative games and new twist that will make you cry. And its worth checking out and feels like game has brilliantly exceuted like other vesions.

During the last third of the game, the parents become more dependent on their Christian faith, and will start to decouple from the game. Without belief in the afterlife, by watching Ryan and Amy and Joel’s avatar in each senario, and healing real emotion in their Voice . Examining closely evry polygon and color , realizing it was all created just as an attempt to cope? That Dragon, Cancer may be the treatment of a family’s immeasurable grief expressed through a christian lens,

Despite the stucking input in a game my spiritual disconnect, That Dragon Cancer is unlike any game I’ve experiencd . I want evryone to play the game. Even it doesn’t tell the story in better way but it displays true pain of lost son. The game is about brave family’s journey through true loss and the search for relief. After playing game everyone will question what will you do when you start loseing everything.


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