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Divide By Sheep – A math puzzle considered as cutesy game that’s macabre and gory

Divide by Sheep Developed by Tiny Build LLD  considered as cutesy game that’s macabre and gory

Divide By Sheep

Genre:Puzzle Developer:tinyBuild LLC

The game Divide by sheep develeped by Tiny Build, a clever puzzle game for math haters or lovers. The game designed in cute-yet-macabre theme which adds lot of joy to what is otherwise a casual-friendly math puzzler. It feels like it sits in this odd middle ground between being a game that’s casual-friendly math puzzler, but with a deceptive theme.

The concept is based on math puzzler at its core, where the game starts off with you trying to get different numbers of sheep on to rafts. With different types of islands that are available, the numbers of sheep should be reduced or increased by killing them on purpose. Later process wolves will be involved where they will eat sheep, These groups of sheep in mumbers ranging from one to nine are spreed across platforms whose sizes can vary within he same range. Sheep can be moved between adjacent platforms, but if a group size ever exceeds platform size then the excess sheep are thrown into water and drowned.


Wolves in the game will eat sheep, sometimes its difficult to move sheep in clever ways, and get them into rafts. Then lasers that split sheep in two get involved, and game allows you combine the sheep back together once they’re on their rafts, game introduces all sorts of fasinating mechanics, you should be busy in moving sheep, wolves,half-sheep, pigs around the islands to try and complete the three objectives to achieve three stars. Along the way sheeps are eaten, sliced up just we are pleasing Grim Reaper a lonely monster waiting to make friends, He loves sheeps.


Its necessary to get three stars and keeps you busy for long time. But in many levels you can easily earn single star, the levels in the game are not impossible just requires your smartness and might have to rearrange things a lot.  The game is easy to see most of it without putting too much effort and a perfect length for what it is. The beginning levels were pretty easy to me, but difficulties start to arise in the second world and third throwing me for a loop. You can clear stages with only one star but its compulsory to earn two-and -three star sores to see later levels. In later stages you can see mix of everything in to tricky puzzles and new elements are introduced at regular intervals. This always fasinates to solve tricky puzzle with three stars. And gives you great satisfaction by solving tough puzzle games

Overall game is well-designed one. Which looks really great job done by developer just by exploring simple math concept to its fullest potential, or its called 100 percent perefection game. Visually speaking Divide by Sheep are gorgeous with bright colours and characters, and comic-style cutscenes are beautifully drawn and its macabre still adorable where sheeps sliced into pieces and eaten alive then again duct-taped back together. The game is tough and developed for kids where slicing sheep is fun to look. whole concept is fantastic approach  and brillant puzzle game,you don’t have to be a maths whiz to get the most out of it.



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