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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Enjoy breathtaking view in the epic journey

Brothers:A Tale of Two Sons enjoy breataking view in this epic journey.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Genre :Adventure & Action Developer:505 Games Srl

The game Brother: A Tale of two sons developed by 505 Games Srl  A adventureous game of two brothers who want to save there dying ill father. The game takes you to amazing world and experience the thrill of it and gives you thretrical gestures and conversations in an untranslates fantasy language The tale of two sons and puzzle adventurous game where player can control both characters at the same time. The clever mechanic used behind controling two characters. And two brothers have diffrent skills one is stronger and can push switches and other is smaller can go through little sneaks and gaps.

Your task is you have to guide two brothers through a beautiful and monsterous fantasy world of filled with full world of darkness. And lush of beautiful environmet with twisted puzzles and gaint monsterous and interact with objects in the world highlighted in either blue or orange, where colours are corresponding to one of the brothers. and Some mechanics are used for both of them like heavy switches or items you need to move around. And each is mapped to control joystick on the gamepad. The left moves for older brother and right his sprightly sibling. The left and right shoulder serves as action buttond for brother and letting them to pick objects and flip switches or grab onto ledges. The older brother will help younger one onto a ledge.


The game forces you to utilize the environment for your advantage because your are trying to save your father’s life . So you’ll meet lots of interesting characters around and help, hinder as well. It will also push you more for deeper problems and find solutions The game pathway is long and bar a few occasional alleyways mostly neatly staight line also music is gental from rural village to troll mines and mountain passes are breathtaking views. I was just enjoying view of environment  and wanted to know the brothers through their diffrent relationships with the environment. The responsible elder brother will be in gentle manner while younger one is very naughtly splashing water on brother’s face.

The game is good and wonderfully entertaining one with enthralling adventure. I wholehearted recommend to play this fabulous game. It works great on mobile devices which will keep you engaged for hours and hours and this game in other words is single sitting games similar to emotionally charged experiences like Gone Home The game is displayed in each pack with great quality and each scene is beautiful designed with specific narrative trajectory build a certain emotinal pitch.



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