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Blocky Hockey (by Full Fat Games) – Grab your puck and skate like mad in infinate runner

Blocky Hockey developed by Full Fat Games Grab your puck and skate like mad in a fresh.

Blocky Hockey (by Full Fat Games)

Genre:Arcade Developer:Full Fat Games

The game Blocky Hockey Developed by Full fat games its all time favorite game and fittingly like ultimate culmination of the games that arrived to appstore. And fast-paced action of endless running gaming. The is advances the franchise with its new  mechanic, but also shows just how solid the core established by earlier games was. It’s just better than ever .

One of the most underrepresented sports on the App Store is Blocky Hockey, which is perplexing as even if you aren’t really a fan of the sport itself, hockey has historically made for a fun video game. While controls in game looks fairy decent. It was made missing that invisible aspect that made it a fun game to play. So this was surprise release, seasoned sports game developer Full Fat Games has brought Blocky Hockey to the mobile . This is not just pretty game but also absolutly blast to play and features a full season mode.


Blast Hockey controls a analog stick for player movement and grab your puck and skate for performing actions. The action can differ based on where you are in relations to other players allowing for simple poke checks or full blown body checks and passing works very well by skating. You should have multitasking skill to play the game by passing the puck and balanceing the skate to avoid falls. The controls in the game are uncomplicated but still allow for depth and strategy. I’m fully impressed by the game with dodging different obstacles on the pond and collecting pucks and showing your best high scores and some features like fighting between players is more impressive and fun. Blocky hockey will punch and block hits in rival goons.

Your goal is move quickly as possible and score your best points and battle out with other players, by blocking and punching in order to win the battle. Even get in showdown with goalkeepers and trying to shoot and score into goals. Earn more pucks in three ways by earning within leves themselves. When you see skate over them. If you are confused watch video or tutorial to collect more information and have fun. Control in the game are simple and straightforward by tapping left button you can skate up into the left and tapping to right button you can skate to right. Tapping fast, the more momentum you will build up by  speeding up you can avoid obstacles.Fighting with other player is part of the game. But, puch and blocks buttons. Watch carefully enemy button and  figutre the pattern  of enenmy  and block them when they start to throw punch at you. Then counter with punch of your own.

That really impressed about Blocky Hockey is the absurd amount of options at your disposal  Thers’s typical game settings like difficulty, choosing internationa style time and icying rules  and more . Bocky Hockey  is comparable to what you would find in a full console sports title, and caters well whether you’re looking for a casual hockey experience or something more deeper. Players are blocky and best resolution textures used but tiny players are still looks pretty jagged, espicially on iphones, visualls are best  and asthetic design looks great on retina screen and the game too much as you can still tell what is going on, but they could stand to be better. Overall Blocky Hockey has rough around the edges spots and none is a issues but very fun to play the game.





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