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Assassins Creed Identity – a remarkable adventure and action game

Assassin’s Creed Identity developed by Ubisoft a remarkable adventure and action game.

Assassins Creed Identity

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed has been already released one year back  still it makes one of the great game even today. It became huge hit when it delivered a delux 3D assassin’s Creed game on IOS with full range of movement, that the franchise is known for you. Its all about climbing-up-things, hidey, stabbing bunch of people and sneaky and scale building  move at your own pace, and of course stealthily take out targets

Assassin’s Creed Identity is set during the Italian Renaissance to offer a story to what was detailed in Assassin’s creed II in all those year ago. The game narrates a gorgeous Italian city is taken to inteact with, and delivers the beautiful 3D craftsmanship with historical details, you can see main difference in console version is especially the scope the IOS version. giving you a smaller world. But in IOS device you cann’t explore full city but still feel that essence of game it looks great to climb up on top of a church, and behold the entire city on your IOS device.


The core story of Assassin’s Creed Identity takes you to campaign story mode which consists of takeing out members of the mysterious crowds, mission by mission. The missions give you continuous experince with multiple objectives available with open world challenge. There are also smaller missions focused on stabbing some people. stealing  treasure from chest, or delivering something. Which can be used later to gain some extra Xp and some new gear. You can check out there’s decided action RPG feel here. You’re going to stick new gear on often and watch your stats go up. You can customize the game from skills to unlock, levels to advance and obligatory item forging too. The game has RPG elements allowing you to assign skill points to different abilities of your assassin.

The controls in the game are simple and straightword a stick on the left lest you move, a stick on the right lets you look around. You can switch betweeen a stealthy plod and frantic jog with a tap of a button. With context sensitive action button too these things allows pick up quest items, perform assassinations and dive into hay stacks. When you’re spotted you can use  attack button. This lets you throw your weapon around, hacking bunch of enemies. If you bash the button eventually someone dies. A good combat system.

Building and structures of city will help you to climb get white quick lines in front of them when you’re near, showing you what you can scale and where to jump. Assassin’s Creed Identity is one of the most superb IOS experience you can play, making its necessary to have. If you want to see progress go for In-app purchase. You have already enjoyed a lot from the game especially Scrambling  on the rooftops is fun and its every bit satisfying game.





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