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ABC or Die By Shark-bit Games

abc_die_4ABC or Die is an intense, challenging  fast paced classic arcade game by the developers at Shark-bit Games. No doubt the game will definitely bring you back to the days of classic arcade games of the 80s.

abc_die_1ABC or Die is a challenging game but let me just tell you about its design before explaining its gameplay. The game ABC or Die has a very elegant and appealing design. The dark colored surrounding in sharp contrast to soft coloured characters makes it awesome.

The game is still incredibly detailed. The bright colours enhance the environment and with the music in sync make the acts scintillating. The visuals in the game are another contributing factor to what drew me in to the game in the first place.

abc_die_2 In ABC or Die you will have to move your character by leading with your finger, dragging it across the screen and try to escape from all the lurks.

The game ABC or Die has a very simple gameplay where your vocabulary is put into rigorous test. The stairs are labeled with what they lead to, you will have to read it carefully and select the safest route. Out of the four routes only one will be safest which makes the game challenging.

Death is always chasing you, and gains speed the longer you take. You have to collect chests and buy items in the dungeon shop to help traverse deeper levels. There are many characters in the game which can be unlocked by spending the treasure saved up in your vault.

abc_die_3The controls in ABC or Die are super simple and intuitive. The faster gameplay, better UI and a much clearer set up are what set this ABC or Die from the rest.  It might be difficult to score in the beginning but your zest to score more will make you an expert. The game teases and challenges your sporting genes.

I highly recommend checking out ABC or Die if you love challenging and addictive games.



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