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Top 10 mobile games of the week of sep 2016

Top 10 mobile games of the week of sep 2016 enjoy these new games in the weekends and have fun.


Genre:Puzzle & Adventure Developer:Uppercut Games Pty Limited

Submerged game is developed by Uppercut Games Pty Limited where you explore mysterious flood city with young girl Miku. Who carries her wounded brother to the city in their small fishing boat. As you explore in this flooded city streets by boat  you experience beauty of landscapes which is very relaxing and game keeps you more thrilled in search of supplies needed to save young siblings, also discover the hidden objects were pieces are put together in the story to find the broken world and family.


So help your wounded young sibling by exploring mysterious journey and enjoy the gorgeous beauty of  landscape


2.Sky Hill

Genre:Action  Developer:Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

I love Rouguelike RPG gameplay which is very challenging and interesting. This game is about World War III which is very cruel tragedy and you have to save yourself from macabre and morbid monsters. They’re ready to rip you to shreds with their sharp pointed claws. you have to be very careful in each and every corner because death is waiting for you. Prepare yourself for the escape from monsters by travelling in fast elevator and unlocking special abilities to survive in this journey.

Note this app is compatible with  iPhone 5 or better, iPad 4 or better or iPad Mini 2 or better. Older devices are not supported.



3.Disco Dave

Genre:Family Developer: By Amused Sloth

 In this super Disco Dave stage show your bubbly and funky moves with presence of neon lights. Make your audience move with your style and cheers in this Disco dance floor by scoring high points. Task is just swipe, jump and show off some funky and bubbly moves in this fab combos and unlock various characters of your choice. Come have fun in this crazy Disco dance floor.



4.Ice Lakes

Genre:Adventure Developer:Iceflake Studios

Ice lakes is developed by Iceflake Studios which is very relaxing and fun game. The game contains physics mechanics and gorgeous graphics with soft-pastel to bright hues and animation in the game are buttery smooth and neat, no words to explain.
The game takes you to the fishing world where your task is to throw fishing lines into the water and that requires lots of patience and dedication and dareing to go deeper into the world of wild where no fisherman has gone yet and catch the rarest and biggest fishes. There are total 20 rarest fish species you will come across. There are some supporting features like world maps will help you explore new and beautiful rivers, ponds and lakes to find best spots, to catch the biggest fish .

So catch fish using right equipment in right season with better climate condition




5.Vertigo racing

Genre: Racing Developer:Chillingo Ltd

Become a champion in this gorgeous hill-top long driving game, drive as fast as you can in mountain tracks escaping from obstacles, and tracks follows in deadly glaciers in ancient walls. So various themes of tracks you come across driving in this beautiful landscapes.

Play in this challenging and relaxing landscapes routes and complete the finishing lines.




Genre:Puzzle Developer:Appsolute Games LLC

The game is very simple and straighforward, with more entertainment  were you have to guide single cube along the path through moving zigzag block walls. Tapping at the right moment to rise up, tap to hide nearest obstacles. By collecting all gems will help you to unlock various cubes.

So enjoy this fast-paced cube and addictive game with only one touch control.



7.Go Race Yourself

Genre:Racing Developer: Pronetis

The game developed by Pronetis where he has brought the concept in unique style. You will be driving this crazy car in circle movement, and cops are following you in this minimalistic game. Choose careful your route with well plan, you can reach your goal with fast reflexes to get them off following you.

so many features to achieve in this game like reach the goals to unlock various cars and to go next level and enjoining the exploration of  eight beautiful locations.




Genre:Puzzle Developer:Xigma Games

In this puzzle main objectives is to roll your cube and pick up colors throughout your way where you will be unlocking the tiles to create paths. In this minimalistic game design you just have to relax and start playing Rebak, were you have to be prepare to roll your cube to reach colored square with plus symbol . And this color will appear in same side of cube which will move to same color squares.

There are total 70 hand crafted levels and win levels to show in Game Center leaderboards integration


9.Big Fishy

Genre:Arcade Developer:The Frosty Pop Corps

The game will take back to 1983 in the middle of Wascana Lake. This game is controlled just by only single touch. You have to control the line which goes taut and have to hook to the line. Big task is, you have to recognize the pattern in this Big Fishy game. Its the game for Whole family to enjoy the game.



10.Think Shift

Genre:Puzzle Developer:unexpect3rd


The game is similar to jigsaw or Rubix cube puzzles looks very simple but very tricky and challenging one mechanic used is very simple sliding puzzles which is also provides great entertainment

I recommend to play this sweet and simple game with minimalist design, also provides variety of stages after each completion of successful level.




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