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Tiny Empire-Similar to Angry Birds but with great physics mechanics involved.

Tiny Empire  is a game similar to Angry Birds but with great physics mechanics involved.

Tiny Empire

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Mother Gaia Studio

Tiny Empire is developed by Mother Gaia Studio which is a physics based puzzle game save your kingdom from pesky green orcs using projectile aiming equipment. The game is inspired from Angry Birds and mechanics are same which were used in Angry Birds. People were crazy playing this game and it sold like a hot dog. In this game you can observe using projectile aiming enemies you want to destroy and some equipped weapon and developer just done fabulous job.


As I mentioned above Tiny Empire’s mechanics are heavily inspired from the physics-based like Angry Birds series. However we can see in Angry Birds we found environment are destructible randomly but in Tiny Empire we use projectile in the forms of cannon fire to destroy army of arcs. Like angry Birds any games used slingshot style physics-based puzzle game which were popular among regular gamers. This Angry Bird already made many fans including me and I was soon addicted towards this fun and adorable game. The mechanism have certainly changed my opinion of the game. This random style of shooting a perfect shot made one rewarding one.  Plus point is Tiny empire is fully paid game with no in-app purchases this makes e very happy. Also I loved the difficulty in the game mechanics which is refreshing experience in terms of needing skill to move forward.

One thing which made me happy is when I saw Tiny Empire on the market, I was surprised. This is a fully paid game, with no in-app purchases. Honestly, it seems that these types of games are a rare sight to see these days, so I certainly welcome it. Tiny Empire is a retro 16-bit look game which is really fantastic. Which pixelated appearance makes great look and feel sweet. Despite old-school appearance, Tiny Empire looks gorgeous due to bright and vivid colors with fine and detailed textures. Animations are neat and looks dedicated works.

The Tiny Empire looks unique in terms of level design and enemies and power-ups like as players move on progress of level they can unlock different kinds of cannons that can either focus on large destruction or smaller hits. Levels can give players an opportunity to choose types of shots so players can decide what type of ammo needed for section of map. Which is really acts level variety that adds interesting thing in a game while solving the difficulty. And players can enjoy 80 stages in a game and earn three stars. You can atleast earn one star to move next stage. And new mechanics are added to the stages which is really interesting and challenging one. In the levels you can observe you have to fight with orbs but make sure not to kill the soldiers in the process because you will fail.

Tiny Empire are fun to play also pretty difficult. I had an enjoyable time playing with Tiny Empire like Angry Birds.


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