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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a metroidvania-style platformer game play

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a metroidvania-style game play with lots of fun, Explore a huge dungeon, collect hidden powerups and gain new skills..

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Genre:Adventure & Action Developer:Jussi Simpanen

The game was developed by Jussi Sipanen you’re going to enjoy a game if you’re a fan of retro platformer. The game is inspired from metroidvania adventure game while Timmy start his journey exploring treasure and will Timmy survive in his dangerous Dungeon journey? it’s up-to you.

The game takes back to classic adventurous journey and remind us sweet memories of childhood. Were we enjoy all types of games which was available those days, these classic look of green and gray screen gives unique style for the gameplay and keeps you busy for long time.  The game theme looks some what similar to Cowboy and Traps n’ Gemstones. And game allows you run through dungeons and jumping into traps and monsters to escape and find the way out. The game has huge dungeons but no levels these dungeons are split up into rooms which are interconnected, as you travel across dungeon you find useful equipments which helps later, throwing knives will tackle monster and  Maps let you find the current location and shows direction to move on in this venture dungeon game


tinyThis Metroidvania-style platformer has lots of pieces of kit which will unlock previously inaccessible areas, earning three hearts in the game and finding keys to get to the next room play very careful by crossing all obstacles because you have play careful until you find precious health upgrades. And clever saving system is very helpful in the game, with the better gripping skill on the pace things you make progress in this lovely venture environment.

The controls in the games are sooth and simple, to make Timmy jump use the button in the bottom right. To guide him left and right check the bottom left with two buttons. I appreciate mechanics used in the game which is sooth like power-up items and tools in the dungeon helps to push heavy objects, throw knives. Talking about saving system you have to save points in the  dungeon to make sure your progress should be saved as well as which helps to restore your full health

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is very unique with aesthetic design, Game Center support for both leaderboards and achievements. Which gives replay value, with awesome soundtracks and controls. Also I enjoy Metroidvania-style platformers will like this one.


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