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Thomas was Alone – Adventurous journey of Thomas and his friends.

Thomas was Alone is a adventurous  journey  of Thomas and his friends and takes to the world of every character which is also a ward winning platformer game.

Thomas was Alone

Genre:Adventure Developer:Bossa Studios Ltd

Thomas was Alone Developed by Bossa Studious Ltd a adorable game with full entertainment and an award winning for Best story, performance and original score. This game from Mike  Bithell’s  shape-guiding indie-classic is one of my favorite game which is perfect in all angles. And best ever game I have come across for mobile games.

I was looking for some gorgeous new games and in the appstore but couldn’t find anything interesting also I was tired of tight schedule of my office. So wanted unique kinds of game in the appstore, but fortunately I found a award winning platform game, Thomas was Alone a indie classic game. Its a puzzle-platform game with levels and a story unfolds, narrated by the ever-fantastic Danny Wallace who is also a narrator of Assassins Creed. The game first released back in 2012 for PC and Mac and released both PS3 and PS Vita version  on 2013. The game really looks fantastic in retina screen. and game has brilliantly executed well in all angles like visuals, graphics, and controls.


The game takes you to the story of Thomas of a red rectangle and his other shapes friends as they discover the mysteries of their existence in a strange and unfamiliar world also he finds himself bouncing around a series of black and grey levels. He will join with his fiends in the quest to find out what’s going on and who he is using different skills. In the game we can found other shapes like tall yellow rectangle can jump intense and buoyant cube who can float on the toxic water as ability to kill other shapes, flatlish rectangle acts as a trampoline. Also you have a task of combines these skills of friendly rectangles to get past a variety od obstacles. Its necessary that you have to build staircases so that smaller shapes can get to higher places.

The controls in the game are simple yet better to handle and perfect for touchscreen devices. You can simply move backward and forward using arrows and tap on the diamond to jump also switching to a different characters are managed well just tapping specific color tabs on screen. Levels in the game are designed well with minimalist design and colors are neat and bright with rich textures, which everything involved quit detail. Sometimes you feel you are getting stuck in an hour or so of play but happy to be throwing around squares around the world and shifting to the world that’s been built for them. You can find buttons with one with floating buttons and one for fixed. which is quit manageable won’t put your self confidence.


The levels in the game are very challenging with new mechanics involved difficult to play every obstacles I felt the characters are just like real people with great personalities. Because there is a story fro every character in the gameplay which is simply marvelous. The great sense of humour are added in the adventure game with each shapes that takes you next puzzle and levels.

I suggest to play this wonderful game with lots of challenges and stories involved, with each shapes and beautiful world feels like you are in wonderland. where spending game is worth every penny also clever designed platformer game.




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