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The Beggar’s Ride- Uncover the secrets held within the mask

The Beggar’s Ride  Uncover the secrets held within the mask

The Beggar’s Ride  

Genre:puzzle Developer:Bad Seed

The game developed by Bad Seed , this epic game is a pocket gamer where its a wonderful slick production with more beautiful platformer the game reminds me hercules which is released many years back with lots of challenges and fun. The game based on story that will keep  the thrill to play

Speaking about the game you will be really impressed by the unique artstyle with 3D graphics. Colors in the game are bright and vibrant hues with aesthetic design.Animation are buttery smooth and fluid.Each environment you’ll be coming across with have its own distinctive appearance and tone. And makes you feel immersed in this epic mysterious journey. This game is great sit down and play game, well worth picking up. This is not a freemium game but a premium game with no IAP. In this Beggar’s Ride is a unique and innovative puzzle platformer adventure game this gives you true premium experience on ios devices. Sountrack are reliant and neat  I reccamand to use hearphone and sound effects are fun to hear which motivates you to keep thrill on the game


The story of the game is once Beggarman found a mysterious mask where a key to a mysterious world is hidden on the other side of the rain. It was designed for a hero and champion and a saviour but old man is just a poor man. Discover the secret hidden within the mask as you journey through a mysterious world and discover who the beggar really is. In this unique puzzle game in a deep of interesting story of discovery. The Beggars Ride is a true premium experince on IOS devices. Good thing is no In – App purchases and as exploring the  new worlds you will be rewarded with 4 masks each with god-like powers. and many more.

I recommend to play this interesting and fun game and explore new mysterious adventure game where you will enjoy action adventure puzzle games like The Legend of Zelda franchise. The game is compatible with iphone5 and up, ipad Mini 2 and ipad 4.




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