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Rainmaker-Find the Mysterious flooded rain in this puzzle game

Rainmaker is developed by SweatyChair about little firl Tians starts her journey to unfold mysterious about continuous rain.


Genre:Puzzle Developer:SweatyChair Pty. Ltd


Rainmaker is developed by SweatyChair Pty. Ltd which is a beautiful puzzle game. Story  takes you to a guide a bubble in an open door. The game has immersed some pretty good ideas and new character forms are introduced. This also be called physics based puzzle come adventure game. You have to guide the girl Tian , who will be on a journey to discover what is causing continuous a mysterious rainfall.



You feel the game is polished which is why you are intrigued to see the concept of the game. The girl has multiple different forms  she can use those, depending upon game’s environment. From poking a bubble to a block and sometimes basketball and a skittering spiders as well. Just tap anywhere your forms will change or appear. This forms are used like the bubble float upwards, spiders are attached to ledges and the basketball bounces around. If you are bored unlock other abilities as well. The story is all about flooded rain causes flooded homes and being trapped in sewer. As games complexity increases you explore a lot.

Like other puzzle games, Rainmaker is level-based, which takes you to a story of one puzzle at a time total there are 60 puzzles and 120 levels By helping girl to reach her goals in the form of doors. You have to overcome obstacles on your way. Control in the game are simple and easy to use. Sometimes game allows you only change two forms that depends upon stages we play. Visuals of the game are with minimalistic design and neat looks. While exploreing new environment you can see gorgeous views. Colors are very soft with fluid. You can enjoy this game for relaxation and for fives stimulation for the game.

I’m really enjoying this minimal artstyle game, with calm music and puzzle mechanics. I have already became fan of Rainmaker due to its great visual effects and new mechanics immersed in game which its already proved its unique.



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