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Dog Sled saga – set mission in dog sled racing and plan well racing management team

Dog Sled saga-Developed by Dan FitzGerald and lisa, set mission in dog sled racing simulation game and  plan well in racing management team, become master in musher.

Dog Sled Saga

Genre: Role playing Developer:Dan FitzGerald

Dog Sled Saga is developed by Dan Fitzgerald a indie game developer. previous titles include Dawn of the Plow, FireWhip and many more. This time game is supported by his wife Lisa and took almost 3.5 years to complete the entire project. Its basically dog sled racing simulation game and mastereing it, narrate a story of your journey.


Every one loves game especially late ‘80s and ‘90s, even I’m huge fan of vintage 8-bit and 16 bit visuals which were popular in back golden age of gaming. I used to spent hours and hours playing single game until I get tired. Also I’m huge fan of platfomer game like classics game Super Mario Bros Which is even popular today people don’t love to forget it thanks to developer. Even Dog Dled Saga has got same impression when I saw it in appstore which has a incredibly detailed, pixelated style and I love the world Dog Dled Saga and just got hooked by gorgeous artstyle and atmospheric environment.

In this dog sled racing simulation game  players learn each character of dog’s attributes and keep them feeded while raceing and you are incharge of your own mushing team, careing dogs health between races and strategically feeding them. In the race their speed can be controlled by hunger and avoid hazards in rushing past the forest landscapes during each race. As you progress in racing simulation game you will be followed lots of responsibility like keeping a track of monthly budget for league expenses and hire on new dogs and fire unhealthy dogs on your team, also earn fame by wining the race and get sponsorship deals, hire employess to take care of dogs and breed dogs etc.

The game keeps tracks of knowledge of as musher and attributes of dogs. And gives a great experience of being a musher. You have a lot of freedom of movement in game but your goal is both clear and established on the road ahead, so you will end up fairly linear in practice. The games new mechanics at times, fundamentally change how you play the game, but there isn’t a lot of pizazz involved. Because I feel little bit story has to be added its just dragging dog and feeding

Visually speaking game has got appealing artstyle with incredibly detailed, pixelated style. with subtle, fine detailed texture is added. As you experience atmospheric environment when you explore the levels. With great animation in game whic is executed quit well, and love to go with old-school, Game style graphics, completes the grayscale screen coloring. Chiptune soundtrack makes focus on the game.

I suggest you to check this game out, Dog Sled Saga is now available for download off on google play and android, there are no IAP’s either and just don’t forget to feed the hunger dog else he will be angry on you.



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